Ginger Bread Log Cabin Without the Ginger Bread

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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1 hr 10 min

I personally am not a big fan of the store bought ginger bread house kits. I understand the pieces for the home are more for looks then edible but I want both! The store bought stuff is made to not break but tastes like cardboard while the yummy ginger bread is hard to work with. So why not a log cabin for Santa to visit with melted cholate?

All you need is some meltable chocolate, pretzel rods, graham crackers and decorations!

Follow directions on packaging for melting (microwave at 30 second intervals and stir in between usually). Then I pipe it into an icing bag and cut of the tip.

The chocolate melts within a few minutes and makes for an excellent mortar.

I cut some of the pretzel rods in order to make a square and alternate larger and smaller pieces. I used milk chocolate for this step to match the color of the rods.

Then I held the pretzel rods for the roof for a minute until the chocolate was almost hardened.

Placed some graham crackers for the roof and covered it all with white chocolate for a snow covered home.

Only part left now is to decorate with your favorite sprinkles or candy and add a little candy Santa at the front door with some presents for the Pretzel family!

Sturdy and tasty!

Ginger Bread Log Cabin Without the Ginger Bread
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  • pretzel rods
  • meltable chocolate
  • candy and/or sprinkles to decorate

melt chocolate in the microwave
pipe into an icing bag and squeeze out chocolate on each rod as you build the house
add graham crackers for the roof
  • you might need to cut some rods and/or graham crackers depending on the shape and size you want. I suggest using a steak knife but some will break!