Bacon-Wrapped Scallops Appetizer

24 Appetizers
30 min
This classic recipe for bacon-wrapped scallops is so tasty! The crispy, salty bacon perfectly compliments the mild, briny flavor of the slightly-sweet scallops for a delicious combination that’s divine. We think bacon appetizer recipes are like gold, because they’re always the first thing to be eaten at a party or potluck. Bring these scallops wrapped in bacon to your next gathering, and we promise you’ll be bringing home an empty platter. For more popular party hors d'oeuvres, be sure to check out our roundup of 52 Best Bacon Appetizers.
Recipe Features
  • Fast and simple to make.
  • Bite-sized and easy to serve and eat.
  • Perfect party appetizer!
  • Can be assembled in advance.
For the basic recipe, the ingredients couldn’t be simpler! You’ll need:
  • 12 slices (about 1 pound) regular sliced bacon
  • 24 sea scallops

Equipment Needed

  • A baking sheet with a rack
  • Wooden appetizer picks
  • Aluminum foil

Best Bacon for Wrapping Scallops

In general, regular sliced bacon works best for this recipe so that the bacon and scallops will both be perfectly cooked at the same time after broiling. The scallops will be cooked through and the bacon will be golden brown and crispy, just the way we like it! If you prefer to use thick-sliced bacon, pre-cook the slices for a few minutes in a skillet so they’re starting to brown on both sides before wrapping the scallops. 

The Difference Between Sea Scallops and Bay Scallops

We recommend sea scallops for this recipe, as their larger size (up to 3 times as big as bay scallops) creates a nice balance with the bacon. Most sea scallops are actually farm raised, a sustainable practice we support. Some sea scallops can be quite large, in which case you can cut it in half or even thirds before wrapping with the bacon. However, if you only have access to smaller bay scallops, no problem. Just cut the bacon down to size, if needed, so it’s not covering the scallop before broiling. 

Buying Scallops 

Here in landlocked Colorado, we generally buy frozen scallops for this recipe. Thaw the frozen scallops overnight in the refrigerator before using. When fresh scallops are available, we prefer the dry packed version. As the name suggests, they don’t contain any extra water or additives and won’t produce a lot of liquid. Whether you use fresh or frozen scallops, be sure to dry them thoroughly with paper towels before wrapping them in the bacon. That way they’ll develop a nice brown color when they’re broiled. 

Step by Step Instructions

First, wrap the scallop in bacon and secure with a wooden pick. Cut the bacon so it overlaps just enough to secure with the pick.
Next, arrange the scallops on a foil-lined baking sheet with a rack.
Then pop them under the broiler for about 8 to 12 minutes, turning once. They’ll come out golden brown, and the scallops will be lightly cooked and sooo delicious.
Tip: If you soak the wooden picks in water for an hour prior to making the scallops, the picks won't burn. Alternately, you can leave the charred toothpicks or pull them out and replace them with fresh toothpicks before serving.


Q: How long do you cook bacon wrapped scallops?A: We recommend broiling the appetizers on High. Depending on how thick your bacon is and how big the scallops are, this will take about 8 to 12 minutes total. Turn the bacon wrapped scallops once during cooking so they brown evenly. Q: What to serve with bacon wrapped scallops? A. The flavors are rich, so for contrast you may wish to serve these bacon scallop bites with a fresh veggie tray or a crisp salad with citrus dressing. Q: How to cook bacon wrapped scallops from frozen? A: Allow frozen, bacon-wrapped scallops to completely thaw in the refrigerator overnight before broiling.

Recipe Variations

Here are three ways you can season these bacon scallops to suit your tastebuds.
Sweet-Salty: Sprinkle the scallops on both sides with a total of 2 tablespoons brown sugar before broiling. Citrus: Just after removing from the oven, squeeze a fresh lemon on the scallops. Garnish with finely chopped chives. Savory: After removing from the oven, sprinkle the scallops with a pinch of your favorite steak seasoning salt and freshly ground black pepper. 
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops Appetizer
Recipe details
  • 24  Appetizers
  • Prep time: 20 Minutes Cook time: 10 Minutes Total time: 30 min
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  • 12 strips best-quality bacon
  • 24 sea scallops each about 1-inch in diameter

Pat the scallops dry and wrap each one with a half-bacon slice and secure with a wood toothpick or skewer. Arrange bacon-wrapped scallops on a rack in a broiling pan.
Arrange your oven rack in the top position and heat the broiler to high. Broil the appetizers, turning once halfway through cooking, until scallops are opaque throughout and bacon is browned evenly on all sides. This may take approximately 8 to 12 minutes depending on the thickness of the bacon, the size of the scallops and your broiler's temperature.
Remove from the pan, arrange on a tray or platter and serve. Yield: 24 appetizers.
  • Note: Because bacon and scallops are natural, non-uniform foods, there can be a lot of variation in the size of the scallops and the thickness of the bacon, not to mention how hot each of our individual ovens cook compared to the thermostat temperature. So if you're preparing these with extra-thick bacon, you may want to pre-cook the bacon strips a bit so that they cook properly in the recipe. The simplest way to do this would be to microwave the bacon strips for a few minutes until some of the fat has rendered while the bacon is still flexible.
  • Tip: To prevent toothpicks from darkening, soak them in water for 1 hour and blot them dry prior to assembling appetizers.
  • Variation: Sprinkle the scallops on both sides with a total of 2 tablespoons brown sugar before broiling.
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