How to Make a Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board

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10 servings
1 min

This easy Christmas tree charcuterie board will be a hit at your holiday parties. It's easy to make, and you don't need a special tree shaped board (but you can use one if you want to). I have an ingredient list for what I used and ideas for more things to add for a beautiful Christmas themed charcuterie board.

Charcuterie boards are everywhere on social media for the holiday season. People are making a traditional one with meat and cheese.

Now I'm seeing themed boards like icing with yummy snacks and even butter boards.

If you've been tasked with appetizers for a holiday party, get charcuterie board ideas for Christmas and how to turn it into a beautiful piece that will impress your guests.

I love making a Christmas themed charcuterie board because they are easy to make but look amazing.

Here's why I think you'll love this recipe:

Easy to Make - You don't need to do any more prep than to cut some of the ingredients. There's no cooking, so it's easy to put together. You can even enlist your kids to help!

Easy to Customize - There are so many charcuterie board ideas for Christmas, but you can choose what you think your family will like. You can also plan your board around what's on sale at the store or what you already have on hand.

Easy to Make Ahead of Time - My favorite part of this Christmas tree charcuterie board is that you can make it several hours or even the day before the event. Just cover it with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge until you're ready to serve!

If you'd rather have a tree shaped board to start with, I love this Christmas Tree shaped charcuterie board.

You can customize your Christmas tree charcuterie board recipe to fit your tastes. Here are some suggestions for things to add:

Meats - Typically, you'll see deli meats, small sausages, or salami. If you get deli meat, you can get it sliced thick and use mini cookie cutters to cut it into cute shapes.

Cheese - You can use your favorite cheese. Good ones to try are cheddar, swiss, colby jack, or provolone. You can cut them into cubes or small slices.

Vegetables - You can add some sliced vegetables like carrots or celery for garnish. Use radishes and broccoli for red and green.

Fruits - You can also add fruits like whole grapes, strawberries, cranberries, or raspberries.

Nuts - Add your favorite nuts or candied nuts for some extra crunch.

Herbs - Use fresh herbs for garnish. Rosemary is always pretty for the holidays.

Extras - Use olive, small pickles, or even peppers to fill in small holes or for more garnish.

Crackers and Bread - Offer crackers and bread for your guests to build their own mini sandwiches. I like to use a variety of crackers like butter crackers, Ritz crackers, and wheat crackers. I sometimes slice a small loaf of bread or offer bagel chips.

Tips for Charcuterie Board Ideas for Christmas

Here are some tips to help you make an easy Christmas tree charcuterie board:

  • Aldi has a lot of fun ingredients to make a grazing board. My store has them all together on an end cap.
  • To save money, buy blocks of cheese and cut it yourself.
  • You can cut all of the meat and cheese and store in airtight containers for a few days before making the board.
  • When choosing meats, cheeses, and other ingredients, first thing about what foods your guests will love. Then choose colors and flavors that complement each other.
  • Use the mini Christmas cookie cutters to cut meat or cheese into different shapes.
  • You can also add a dish of softened cream cheese or jam. This low sugar Strawberry jam or this vanilla bourbon peach jam would be really good!

How to Make a Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board
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  • 10  servings
  • Prep time: 1 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 1 min
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  • 8oz Cheddar Cheese Cubes
  • 8oz Swiss Cheese Cubes
  • 8oz Fresh Mozzarella Mini Balls
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • 5oz Pepperoni
  • Olives
  • Crackers
  • Baguette

Form your pepperoni (or other meat) by using a shot glass. Fold the pepperoni into the shot glass, overlapping the previous piece. Repeat with 4 to 6 pieces of meat until you form a circle. Then flip the glass over and remove the rose.
Then create the outline of the Christmas tree charcuterie board by placing meat and cheese on the board. Then fill in the outline to create the design.
I made rows with my meat, cheese, and crackers. I overlapped the pieces in a row.
Use sprigs of fresh rosemary between the rows as a garnish.
Add olives around the tree for ornaments.
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