How to Make Apple Crisp Mini Skillets

10 servings
45 min

Because everything is better mini, right?! Today I'm sharing how to make apple crisp in mini skillets. We've made this recipe for years (thanks, Mom!). It's one of the few I have on a handwritten recipe card. I now have most of my recipes digital, but I still can't throw out those old cards. Don't tell my husband, he's in cahoots with Marie Kondo.

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Picture this: you're hosting a casual outdoor dinner party in the fall. Your favorite people are gathered around the table after a yummy meal. The sun is setting, there's a nip in the air, a crackling fire nearby, Edison bulb lights are strung over the table, no one's complaining.... sigh. 

Stay with me, because we are entitled to dream. 

Next, you bring out these individually-made, warm, cinnamon-brown-sugary-apple-deliciousness desserts in cast iron skillets with a mini scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top. Yum.

These  mini skillets are so much fun, no matter how many people you have around the table. You can also try these  Mini Iron Skillet Strawberry Shortcakes or use them to serve up individual appetizers or home baked cookies.

Let's Get Started!

Slice and peel your apples. I use a metal apple slicer/corer, then I slice my slices in half again. If you have the apples too thick, they won't get tender quick enough, and your topping will burn. Ask me how I know.

You can get an idea of how I slice my apples here. With the minis, I also sliced them in half for smaller pieces. I use olive oil spray in the bottom of my dishes, the add your apples. Squeeze your lemon over the apples and lightly toss.

Prepare the Topping

Mix your dry ingredients: flour, brown sugar, oats and cinnamon. Add your melted butter and lightly stir.

With this batch, we are sharing! We made three mini skillets, one small dish, and one large round dish. I doubled the topping since I had more "surface" to cover with all these dishes. Keep that in mind. If you're making in one shallow dish, there's no need to do this unless you just like extra topping.

Cover your apples with topping and bake. It's that easy! And usually I just make in one large casserole dish, which is even easier.

Serve warm and top your apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream.

How to Make Apple Crisp Mini Skillets
Recipe details
  • 10  servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 30 Minutes Total time: 45 min
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  • 4 cups sliced apples (about 4-6 apples)
  • 1 T. of lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup sifted flour
  • 1 cup uncooked oats
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 t. cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup melted butter

Place apples in a greased shallow baking dish.
Sprinkle lemon juice over apples.
Combine dry ingredients.
Add melted butter and mix until crumbly. Sprinkle crumb mixture on top of apples.
Bake on 375 for 30 mins or until apples are tender.
  • **If you are baking in multiple dishes, you may need more topping to cover surface area. For the recipe in this post, I doubled the topping.
Misty | Back Porch Bliss
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  • Debellen Debellen on Aug 24, 2021

    I've always loved apple crisp but cannot usually find the recipes in cook books. I still use my mom's recipe too.

  • Cynthia Cynthia on Jan 07, 2024

    I look forward to trying this. I bought mini skillets years ago, but have never used them, because I didn’t have recipes.