Apple Crisp Mini Cheesecake Recipe

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by Koti Beth Designs
12 cheesecakes
1 hr

These apple crisp mini cheesecakes are a delicious fall dessert. They are made from scratch, but they aren't hard to make. They have a graham cracker crust, cream cheese layer, apple layer, and an oatmeal crisp topping.

I used a muffin tin and made small cheesecakes. I like this size because people can grab the cupcake liner and dessert from a table. You can also make them in a mini muffin tin for cheesecake bites.

These are easy to make because you don't need to bake them in a water bath. The top isn't likely to crack, so you wouldn't see it anyway with the toppings.

These last up to a week in the fridge covered, so you can make them a day or two before you need them for a party.

Apple Crisp Mini Cheesecake Recipe
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  • 12  cheesecakes
  • Prep time: 30 Minutes Cook time: 30 Minutes Total time: 1 hr
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For the Crust
  • ¾ cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 1.5 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons melted butter
For the Cream Cheese Filling
  • 2 8-ounce blocks cream cheese, softened
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 1 egg
For the Apple Topping
  • 2 apples, peeled and diced
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1.5 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1.5 teaspoons cornstarch
For the Apple Crisp Topping
  • 1/3 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup oatmeal
  • 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2.5 tablespoons melted butter

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a muffin pan with paper cupcake liners.
Combine the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter to make the crust. Spoon into the muffin cups and press down with the back of a spoon to create the crust.
To make the cream cheese filling, combine the softened cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, flour, and egg. Divide evenly between the paper cups.
Combine the diced apple, lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and cornstarch to create the apple layer. Divide evenly between the paper cups.
Combine the flour, sugar, oatmeal, cinnamon, nutmeg, and melted butter to create the apple crisp topping. Spoon on top of the apple crisp cheesecake bites.
Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool completely.
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