Matcha Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

by Vivbakez
1 Cake
2 hr 10 min

Compared to other traditional baked cheesecakes (such as New York style or basque cheesecake), the cotton cheesecake has a soft and airy texture that is soufflé-like. You will need to separate egg whites and yolks to create a meringue that helps with the rise of the cake. The bake time is also long at a relatively low temperature using a bain-marie (water bath) to ensure the cake bakes slowly and evenly to avoid cracks forming on the top of the cake. Although this cake does require some patience and technique, it is so delicious and hard to stop eating. My recipe includes matcha powder to give a subtle flavour and colour, but you can omit it and replace with flour for the original taste.

Matcha Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
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  • Prep time: 30 Minutes Cook time: 100 Minutes Total time: 2 hr 10 min
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  • 250g (1 cup) cream cheese
  • 160ml (2/3 cup) milk
  • 60g (1/4 cup) butter – cold and cut into cubes
  • 55g (1/2 cup) cake flour, or plain flour (+1 tsp corn starch)
  • 10g (2 tbsp) Matcha powder
  • 6 medium sized eggs separated
  • 120g (1 cup) granulated white sugar or caster sugar

Prepare a round 8” cake tin. Line entirely with parchment paper, including two long strips cross-wise at the base so that you can easily remove the cake after baking without inverting the tin. You can also prepare one with a loose bottom/springform pan for easier release. If you do so, the cake tin must be wrapped carefully in foil to ensure no water leakage (as this cake will be placed in a water bath during baking.
Preheat your oven at 155C (no-fan) and prepare a tray that can fit your cake tin. Fill it with water (about 1.5” height). This will be the water bath and allows for more even and slower baking (so you don’t end up with cracks in your cheesecake).
In a pot over low heat, combine the cream cheese, milk and butter. Stir until the butter has melted, then remove from heat and whisk until smooth. Allow to cool.
Once the mixture has cooled, add egg yolks and mix until combined.
Sift cake flour and matcha powder and whisk until combined. If your mixture is a bit lumpy, sieve your batter into another bowl to remove any lumps.
In a large clean bowl of a stand mixer, or using an electric hand mixer, mix the egg whites at low speed until large bubbles start to appear (about 30-60 seconds). Then begin to gradually add your caster sugar (should take around 45 seconds of gradual pouring), then increase the speed of the mixer to medium-high. You want to whip the egg whites to soft-medium peaks only. Under mixing will mean the cake will not rise, but if you overwhip to stiff peaks, you will end up with a dense cake. Be sure to watch the egg whites closely as they are whipped, and stop whipping when the egg whites are able to stand when you remove the whisk, however the tip will flop over gently. If the egg whites continue to flow/ribbon when you remove the whisk, then you still need to whip them further. Do so slowly and frequently check, so that you do not over whip them.
Once you reach soft-medium peaks, transfer about a third of the egg whites into your batter. Whisk thoroughly, you do not need to be too gentle. Then add another third and repeat.
Transfer the batter back into the bowl with the remainder of the egg whites and then gently fold with a silicone spatula until all combined (you cannot see any more egg whites).
Pour the mixture into your cake tin. Bang on the counter a few times to release any large air bubbles.
Place into the water bath in the oven to bake. The baking time and temperature may vary depending on your oven, so you may need to experiment. I baked my cake at 155C for 30 mins, then reduced the temp to 130C for 30 mins, reduced further to 100C for 20 mins, then left in the oven for 20 mins with the door ajar before removing from the oven.
Allow to cool for 10 minutes then remove from tray. Allow to cool before cutting into the cake. It will be firmer after you leave it in the fridge for a while, but still a very light and fluffy cake. Consume within 3 days.