Limoncello Spritz

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Limoncello spritz has the citrus flavor of lemon mixed with the fizz of prosecco. Add in club soda or Sprite and a limoncello spritz tastes like summer in a glass. Garnish with bright fruits and this cocktail brings the wow factor!

What Is Limoncello?

An Italian lemon liquor produced on the Amalfi coast. It is made from lemon peels, sugar, and a neutral liquor like vodka. This liquor is chilled to bring out the citrus flavor and served as an after-dinner drink.

What Is A Spritz?

Traditionally, a spritz is a cocktail made with a bitter liqueur, prosecco, and a splash of sparkling water. In modern adoptions, a spritz is considered a light and refreshing cocktail with a bit of fizz.

The ingredients used have also evolved to satisfy contemporary flavors. Instead of a bitter liqueur, you can use sweet liquor. Instead of processco, you can use sparkling wine. You get the idea. As long as it is light, refreshing, and fizzy we call it a spritz.


Limoncello spritz is a 3:2:1 drink ratio: 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts limoncello, 1 part soda. While the instructions are written for a single drink, I find it helpful to know the ratios in the event you want to make a larger quantity.

How To Make A Limoncello Spritz

  1. PrepPlace 3- 4 ice cubes, or equivalent in a glass.
  2. IngredientsAdd 3 ounces of Prosecco, 2 ounces of limoncello, and 1 ounce of club soda or Sprite.

  3. * If you do not have a way to measure ounces, use the 3:2:1 ratio when using a different unit of measurement.
  4. Mix and GarnishStir the ingredients together and garnish with fruit and herbs. Bright fruits and mint and a wow factor. The fruit adds color and the mint adds sweetness.


Prosecco Alternatives - Instead of prosecco, you can use champagne, sparkling wine, or white wine. Ginger beer or ginger ale is another popular option; although I have not tried either, they sound delicious.

Limoncello Sorbet Spritz - In a glass, pour limoncello (2oz), soda water (2oz), a scoup of lemon sorbet. Pour processco (4oz) or a procescco alternative on top.

Mocktail or Virgin Spritz - If making a mocktail, you can purchase an alcohol-free version or make it yourself. Mix with non-alcohol processco or sparkling wine.

Limoncello Gin Cocktail - If you prefer this drink with gin instead of procecco, make it in a 1:1:4 ratio. 1 part limoncello, 1 part gin, 4 parts club soda. Garnish as desired.


Lemon has a high citric acid which gives it a sour flavor. Sugar has been added to make it sweet. Adding different fruits and herbs as a garnish also complements the lemon flavor and adds a splash of color.

  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Blackberry
  • Black Current
  • Cherry
  • Cranberry
  • Grapefruit
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Raspberry

  • Basil
  • Cayenne
  • Cinnamon
  • Elderflower
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Servering and Storing Limoncello

For the best flavor, served chilled, in a chilled glass, or even cold. The cooler temperatures bring out the lemon flavor.

Limoncello has a high percentage of alcohol and is unlikely to sour. However, it will lose its flavor over time. Once opened, it can be stored at room temperature for one week, refrigerator for up to three months, or in the freezer for up to one year before losing flavor intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Something A Spritz? A spritz is a cocktail made with prosecco, bitter liquor, club soda, or Sprite. The sweet in the prosecco and the bitter liquor balance each other out to create a refreshing drink.

What Is The Difference Between a Spritz and a Spritzer? A spritzer is a tall chilled drink whereas a spritz is a small drink with a light spray.

What Is Limoncello? An Italian liquor that is made from neutral alcohol, lemon zest, and sugar. It is available at most liquor stores or simple to make at home using lemon peels.

What Is Prosecco? Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine and comes from the Veneto region of Italy. Prosecco is available in a variety of carbonation levels from sparkling, semi-sparkling, to still. Prosecco predominately is made from glera grapes but can be mixed with other grapes.

Champagne on the other hand can come from the Champagne region of France.

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  • ▢ 3 ounces Prosecco
  • ▢ 2 ounces Limoncello
  • ▢ 1 ounce Club Soda

Prep: Place 3- 4 ice cubes, or equivalent in a glass.
Mix: Place all ingredients in a glass, mixer, or pitcher. Stir to combine.
Garnish: Garnish as desired. (See post or notes for suggestions.)
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