Puff-pastry Carrots

This Italian Family
by This Italian Family
10 carrots
30 min

I’m really having way too much fun making this fun food for the kids and this is the latest that I’ve made for my two, which I will surely repeat as a light lunch soon. So so yummy and they literally jumped up and down from excitement when I brought it to the table! It's a little trickier to make compared to my usual recipes, but by no means a complicated recipe and everyone can do it with a little patience. You can also bake the shells the night before and fill them the next day.

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This is how you make the cone for the mold

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  • 10  carrots
  • Prep time: 20 Minutes Cook time: 10 Minutes Total time: 30 min
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  • 1 rectangular puff pastry roll
  • Turmeric
  • Lettuce or curly parsley stalks
  • 1 cup cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup canned tuna
  • 1 tbsp dried parsley

Unroll your puff pastry and cut it into strips on the long side at a thickness of about 1cm (0.4 inches)
Make some little cones with aluminum paper and cover them with greaseproof paper (see pictures above for an example).
Starting from the tip, wrap your cones with the puff pastry strips, making sure to overlap them slightly at each round. You may need more than one strip per cone, depending on the size of them, so just make sure the ends of the strip adhere to the beginning of the new one.
Put a splash of water in a small container (like a shots glass or espresso teacup) and add a bit of turmeric, enough to make the water turn very orange. Brush the puff pastry all round with the turmeric water and place on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. Bake at 200°C (392F) oven in static mode for around 10 minutes.
Remove from the oven and let them completely cool down for a couple of hours or even overnight. Then gently remove the foil and paper “mould” you created.
Make the filling by draining the tuna and putting it in a food processor with soft cheese, parsley and seasoning. Pulse until you get a smooth cream.Put the cream in a piping bag and fill your cones. Add a curly salad leaf or parsley stalk to the top to make them look like carrots and it’s done!
This Italian Family
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  • Ptaqueen Ptaqueen on Sep 08, 2021

    instead of tuna i think i'd put a fruit topping, or cream cheese mix... make it a sweet pastry instead!

    • This Italian Family This Italian Family on Sep 09, 2021

      That is a wonderful idea! What could you use instead of the parsley for the foliage? Do let me know if you make it and how it turns out, I would love to see if it works.

  • Diane Diane on Sep 09, 2023

    i think spinach would work as a green topping for a sweet version.