Low Calorie Dirty Matcha Latte (Starbucks Copycat)

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Savor a Starbucks-style Dirty Matcha Latte – low-calorie and made with oat milk. Creamy, earthy matcha meets bold espresso for a guilt-free pick-me-up.

dirty matcha latte with a straw

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What is a Dirty Matcha Latte at Starbucks?

While dirty matcha latte isn’t a drink on the menu at Starbucks… Believe me, I looked. I know that they make them since my friend Kymber is a manager over at one of the Starbucks locations in Wellington, Florida. The trick to ordering a dirty matcha latte at Starbucks is to simply order a regular iced matcha latte but to add a shot of espresso into it.

See a matcha latte is simply a latte made with matcha instead of espresso. But it’s popular to add a shot of espresso to your matcha latte. This is where the term “dirty” comes in. You make the latte dirty by adding the espresso into it.

Kind of like a dirty martini refers to adding olive brine to a regular martini. Kind of a fun way of saying add espresso or olive juice to my drink!

Layered dirty matcha lattes look so pretty in the glass. With their distinct layers of brown coffee, green matcha and white milk you would think that they are hard to make at home. But they’re not!

It’s easy to make a dirty matcha latte at home. Let’s learn how right now!

dirty matcha latte in a glass with a straw
What Ingredients Do You Need for a Dirty Matcha Latte?

To make a dirty matcha latte at home you’ll need:

  • Matcha Powder
  • Espresso or Coffee
  • Sweetener of your choice
  • Oat Milk
ingredients for dirty matcha latte matcha, oat milk, monk fruit crystals and espresso
Ingredient Substitutions for a Coffee Matcha Latte

THe great thing about dirty matcha lattes is that there are so many different ingredient substitutions you can use.

Milk Substitute

The truth is that you don’t have to use oat milk, you can use any kind of milk that doesn’t separate. Especially if you’re going to make the iced version. Almond milk and other plant based milks separate in hot liquid but they don’t in cold. So any plant based milk will work for an iced matcha latte.

Sweetener Substitute

I like to use a simple syrup or liquid stevia instead of monk fruit sugar or regular sugar for this recipe.

Can I Use Coffee or Chai Instead of Espresso?

Yes you can use chai tea or coffee instead of espresso. Just keep in mind that espresso has a stronger flavor than both coffee or chai so use a very concentrated form of chai and a strong coffee blend. You may even want to double the amount of coffee or chai you use. So instead of using the equivalent of one shot of espresso, double it.

What Kind of Sweetener is Best For a Dirty Matcha Latte?

Any kind of sweetener will work. Since I wanted to keep this recipe low calorie I used monk fruit sugar. But I think that liquid stevia works better for cold drinks. Since the monk fruit sugar doesn’t dissolve well in cold liquid. Granulated sweeteners like monk fruit sugar, sugar in the raw and regular sugar are best for hot drinks. While liquid sweeteners are best for cold drinks.

dirty matcha latte blended up
How to Make a Layered Dirty Matcha Latte

Layering an iced dirty matcha latte is easy! The biggest trick is that you have to have patience and pour slowly. If you pour too quickly the layers will blend together. And instead of getting a nice rainbow effect your latte will just turn a muddy green.

  1. First fill the container with ice.
  2. Next pour the milk slowly over the back of a spoon or by tipping the glass on it side so that you don’t splash the milk.
  3. Then slowly pour the expresso over the top and enjoy your beautiful drink!
process photos showing how to make a dirty matcha latte
process photos showing how to layer a dirty matcha latte
Can You Blend Matcha in a Blender?

Yes, if you don’t want to whisk your matcha and oat milk mixture by hand you can simply combine it in the blender. It’s easy and ensures that there won’t be any clumps in your matcha concentrate.

What Does a Dirty Matcha Latte Taste Like?

A dirty matcha latte combines the flavors of rich espresso or strong coffee with the earthy and slightly bitter notes of matcha green tea, all blended together with frothy milk. The taste of a dirty matcha latte can be described as a harmonious and unique fusion of these contrasting elements.

When you mix all of the layers together the over all taste is a very light coffee drink that tastes like a muddy dark chocolate.

Why Is It Called Dirty Matcha?

The term “dirty” when used to describe drinks like a Dirty Martini or Dirty Matcha Latte typically means that an additional ingredient, often with a contrasting or bold flavor, has been added to the base drink to give it a distinct twist. Here’s why the term “dirty” is used in this context:

  1. Enhanced Flavor Profile: Adding a “dirty” element to a drink is a way to enhance its flavor and create a unique taste experience. For example, in a Dirty Martini, olive brine is added to the classic martini to introduce a briny and salty component, which contrasts with the clean and crisp taste of the gin or vodka.
  2. Visual Distinction: In addition to flavor, the term “dirty” can also refer to a change in the drink’s appearance. For instance, in a Dirty Martini, the olive brine not only impacts the taste but also gives the cocktail a cloudy or “dirty” appearance, distinguishing it from a regular martini.

Is Matcha Actually Healthy?

Yes matcha is actually healthy. It has tons of antioxidants, has been shown to improve liver function, reduce risk of cancer and improve brain function. Read more about the proven benefits of matcha here!

Are Matcha Lattes Healthier Than Coffee?

Yes matcha lattes are much healthier than coffee. Matcha is alkaline while coffee is acidic and also acts as a diuretic. Even though coffee makes us feel good because of the caffeine boost, it isn’t actually good for you. On the other hand, matcha gives you the same caffeine jolt without dehydrating you.

Not to mention all of the other awesome health benefits that matcha has which I briefly mention in the section above.

Can You Make A Matcha Latte Ahead of Time?

No you can’t make an iced matcha latte ahead of time. Especially if you want it to keep it’s pretty layered look. The ice will melt and the matcha latte flavor will get diluted. It’s best to make this drink right before you’re ready to drink it.

If yo want to save time you could blend the matcha ahead of time.

What is the Best Milk for Matcha Latte? 720 22

When it comes to creating the perfect matcha latte, the choice of milk is a crucial element that can significantly impact the flavor, texture, and overall enjoyment of this beloved beverage. While dairy milk is a classic option, the world of plant-based milk alternatives has expanded in recent years. Among these options, oat milk stands out as the best choice for crafting a delightful and creamy matcha latte. Here’s why:

Oat Milk: The Ideal Matcha Companion

  1. High Fat Content: One of the key reasons oat milk reigns supreme for matcha lattes is its relatively high fat content compared to other plant-based milks. The fat in oat milk adds a delightful creaminess to the latte, giving it a velvety texture that closely resembles traditional dairy milk. This fat content is essential for achieving a luxurious and frothy finish to your latte.
  2. Frothing Capability: Oat milk has an excellent frothing capability, making it perfect for creating latte art and achieving that sought-after coffee shop-quality froth. The fats in oat milk stabilize the foam, ensuring it holds its structure when poured into your matcha latte.
  3. Neutral Flavor: Oat milk has a mild, neutral flavor profile that complements the earthy and slightly bitter notes of matcha without overpowering them. This allows the matcha’s unique taste to shine through.

On the other hand, almond milk and rice milk, while popular dairy alternatives, may not be the best choices for matcha lattes:

Almond Milk and Rice Milk: These milk alternatives, while low in calories and often appreciated for their nutty or sweet flavors, lack the fat content necessary to produce a rich and frothy latte. They can be a bit watery when steamed or frothed, resulting in a less satisfying texture.

Recipe Variations

The classic dirty matcha latte is a delightful fusion of rich espresso and vibrant matcha green tea, topped with frothy milk. But why stop at the classic when there are so many exciting variations to explore?

  • Blueberry matcha latte
  • Mango Matcha Latte
  • Almond milk matcha latte
  • Chai Matcha Latte

Let’s take a look at how to make these dirty matcha latte recipe variations.

Blueberry Matcha Latte

Blueberry Matcha Latte: A Burst of Berry Bliss

Blueberries and matcha are a match made in heaven. To create a Blueberry Matcha Latte:

  • Ingredients:

    • Matcha powder
    • Hot water
    • Espresso or strong coffee
    • Milk of your choice
    • Blueberry syrup or puree (homemade or store-bought)

  • Instructions:

    1. Prepare a standard dirty matcha latte following the classic recipe.
    2. Add a drizzle of blueberry syrup or a spoonful of blueberry puree to infuse your latte with a burst of fruity flavor.
    3. Garnish with fresh blueberries or a sprinkle of matcha powder.

Mango Matcha Latte

  • Ingredients:

    • Matcha powder
    • Hot water
    • Espresso or strong coffee
    • Mango puree (fresh or store-bought)
    • Milk of your choice
    • Sweetener (optional)

  • Instructions:

    1. Prepare the matcha concentrate and espresso as usual.
    2. Add a spoonful of mango puree to the glass before pouring in the matcha and espresso.
    3. Froth your milk, layer it gently, and enjoy the tropical flavors.

Almond Matcha Latte

  • Ingredients:

    • Matcha powder
    • Hot water
    • Espresso or strong coffee
    • Almond milk (or almond milk alternative)
    • Sweetener (if desired)

  • Instructions:

    1. Brew your espresso or strong coffee and prepare the matcha concentrate.
    2. Heat the almond milk (or almond milk alternative) until it’s warm but not boiling.
    3. Froth the almond milk until it’s creamy and pour it over the matcha and espresso.

Chai Matcha Latte

  • Ingredients:

    • Matcha powder
    • Hot water
    • Espresso or strong coffee
    • Chai spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper)
    • Milk of your choice
    • Sweetener (honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar)

  • Instructions:

    1. Brew a chai tea concentrate by steeping your favorite chai spices in hot water.
    2. Prepare the matcha concentrate and espresso as in the classic recipe.
    3. Combine the chai tea concentrate, matcha concentrate, and espresso in a glass.
    4. Froth your milk with a touch of sweetness and layer it over the matcha-chai mix.

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Low Calorie Dirty Matcha Latte (Starbucks Copycat)
Recipe details
  • 1  Latte
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes Cook time: 5 Minutes Total time: 10 min
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  • ▢ 1 tsp Matcha Powder
  • ▢ 1 tbsp Sweetener
  • ▢ 1/2 Cup Oat Milk
  • ▢ 1 Shot Espresso
  • ▢ 1 Cup Ice
Prepare the Matcha Concentrate:
In a small bowl or cup, measure out about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of matcha powder. Add 2 tablespoons of milk and sweetener to the matcha powder. Use a bamboo whisk or a regular whisk to vigorously whisk the matcha and hot water until it forms a lump free, smooth green paste. Set aside to cool.
Brew Expresso
Brew a shot of espresso using an espresso machine. Let it cool to room temperature or chill it in the refrigerator.
Prepare the Ice, Matcha and Coffee Layer
Pour the cooled matcha concentrate over the ice in the glass.Add the shot of espresso or strong coffee on top of the matcha concentrate.
Froth The Oat Milk (Optional Step for Hot Dirty Matcha Latte
Froth the warmed milk using a milk frother or by vigorously whisking it. You want to create a nice layer of frothy milk.
Pour the Oat Milk Into the Glass
Slowly pour the frothed milk over the back of a spoon or the edge of the glass. This will help it float on top of the matcha and espresso layers, creating an attractive layered look.
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