Aloe Watermelon Mint Water

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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There are many benefits to consuming Aloe, its usually used for topical purposes but consuming it is great too! I also find that when I make my drink fancy I'm more likely to drink a lot of it and now with the summer being as hot as it's been we need to make sure we're drinking enough water!

Start by picking a stem off a healthy Aloe plant.

Peel the top layer off with a knife.

Then using your nail scrape off the inside from the back of the leaf.

I love frozen fruit. When my fruit is about to go bad I usually stick it in the freezer and use it for my drinks!

Then I grab some mint from my garden.

This is great with either flat or sparkling water or even into an adult beverage! The frozen fruit keeps the drink cold without watering it down and you could also muddle it if once it starts melting. Then I usually just refill it through out the day.

This is great with any of your favorite fruits or vegetables. Cucumber watermelon? Strawberry mint? The options are endless!

Aloe Watermelon Mint Water
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  • Frozen watermelon
  • 1 aloe leaf
  • Mint
  • Water

Pick and peel a healthy aloe leaf and scoop out the insides into a cup
Add your favorite frozen fruit (I like watermelon)
Add some mint and flat or sparkling water