Easy Beef Cheese Yakitori

by Hinda
20 Mini Rolls
20 min

This Japanese beef cheese is something you will certainly like and your family too. It’s composed with rose beef slices staffed with cheese and marinated in a sweet Yakitori sauce. A dish that will takes you 20 minutes to make plus the white rice as a side dish.

imagine with me a seared meat and a melted cheese the whole thing soaked in a sweet salty sauce and served with a flavorful jasmine rice. No doubt, but the recipe is so tempting. Easy, tasty and affordable. Because believe me ordering the same dish in a restaurant is not cheap. Beside, I didn’t found any Japanese restaurant in the area where I leave they make it.

to add some crunch, make a skillet of stir fry vegetables. It will add colors and taste to your dish. The secret of this yummy meat rolls is to wrap firmly the cheese to not let it escape and melt out of the meat and the delicious sauce that you can make in 2 minutes.

You can pick your rolls with toothpicks or skewers to manipulate them better and make them a finger food as well.

note: the original recipe is made with beef carpaccio but I didn’t found it. If you do it’s perfect if not your like me the rose beef.

As you see here the cheese escaped from my beef. That’s why I’m suggesting to wrap them the way that you don’t see the cheese through of double the rose beef where it’s ripped to cover the cheese very well.

but it’s not a big deal if it happens, because the cheese will stop melting and will left inside the meat. As you know the rose beef is already cooked to you have just to sear it and add the sauce.

Your dish will be done in 20 minutes with the meat and the rice, if you add the vegetables it will takes 30 minutes because you will have to cut the veggies.

Make enough sauce to use it for the beef and the stir fry.

Easy Beef Cheese Yakitori
Recipe details
  • 20  Mini Rolls
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 10 Minutes Total time: 20 min
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  • . 10 slices rose beef
  • . 14 oz cheese (Gouda or Edam) make 20 sticks
  • . 20 skewers
  • . 5 tablespoons soy sauce
  • . 7 tbsp cooking sake
  • . 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • . 1 tbsp beef gravy
  • . Chili powder (optional)
  • . 1 tbsp vegetables oil

prepare the sauce first, add all the ingredients together and bring to a boil in a sauce pain just to thicken the sauce. Remove and start working on your meat and cheese.
Cut the cheese in rectangles sticks and wrap them well with the meat. Insert the skewers inside the cheese. Preheat a non stick skillet add one tablespoon of oil and sear the meat both sides.
add the sauce over the meat and cheese skewers and cook for one more minute.
serve immediately.
  • Wrap the cheese very good from all the sides to not let the cheese escape from the meat when melted.
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