Pasta Alla Gricia Recipe: Autenthic Pasta From Rome With Love

The Bella Vita
by The Bella Vita
2 portion
15 min

Do you love Italian Pasta? If so, then don’t miss this amazing recipe of Pasta alla Gricia! It’s Easy and super tasty!

This recipe was born around 400 A.D. in Rome.

It’s very simple and contains only six ingredients in total: Roman pecorino cheese, guanciale or bacon, salt, black pepper, and of course, pasta (rigatoni or spaghetti).

Pasta has been the basis of the diet of the Romans for many centuries, and today it is a common food in the diet of many countries around the world.

There are many typical dishes in and around Rome, among the most famous are the traditional pasta alla Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe and Amatriciana.

Often known as the ‘white Amatriciana’, Pasta Alla Gricia is an excellent example of a very simple but extraordinarily tasty recipe.

Since this is a simple first course made with few ingredients, for the recipe to succeed perfectly, they all have to be cooked in an excellent way.

In this way you will got a gricia to lick your lips.

pasta alla gricia recipe

In our recipe we propose the short pasta version of rigatoni alla Gricia.

Ideal for a tasty lunch, it remains one of the fast recipes most loved by those who have little time to dedicate in the kitchen as the process for its realization is particularly short.

The recipe for pasta alla gricia is, in fact, one of the easiest to make, just the time to cook the pasta in plenty of salted water and season it and you get a delicious result.

Below is the full recipe with instructions.

Pasta Alla Gricia Recipe: Super Fast & Easy Recipe

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The secret to the perfect realization of this dish lies in the right creaminess and the perfect balance between the ingredients.

The combination of guanciale and cheese is definitely a winner, that’s why you don’t have to add butter or cream to the sauce.


Once ready, immediately eat the pasta alla gricia. I do not recommend to freeze it.

What do you think about this pasta recipe?

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Happy cooking!

Pasta Alla Gricia Recipe: Autenthic Pasta From Rome With Love
Recipe details
  • 2  portion
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 5 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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  • 360g of Any  pasta
  • 150g of Guanciale
  • Black pepper
  • Grated Roman pecorino cheese
  • Salt

Cut the guanciale into cubes.
Put the pot with water on the fire and when it boils add the salt and throw the pasta in. The cooking time varies according to the pasta used.
Fry the guanciale in a non-stick pan over very low heat. As time goes by it will tend to release the fat into the pan. Fry until the guanciale becomes golden and crunchy.
Add one ladle of pasta water into the pan with the guanciale and let it boil lightly.
When the pasta is cooked al dente, drain it with a skimmer and transfer it directly into the guanciale pan.
With the gas off sprinkle about 100g of grated pecorino cheese and let it dissolve slightly.
Transfer the pasta into a bowl, season with the remaining pecorino cheese, plenty of freshly ground black pepper and serve immediately.
The Bella Vita
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