Egg Chicks

This Italian Family
by This Italian Family
1 egg
15 min

My children get super excited when I make food look like something else and fun, so I always try and think of simple things I could make that would get a “wooooow” out of them.

Turns out that these super cute and way-easier-to-make-than-it-looks eggs did just the trick! I served them with some salad, bread and olives and lunch was done in no time! What do you think? Honestly I am no artist and not good with food art, so if I can make eggs resemble chicks anyone can, you have to believe me!!!

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  • 1  egg
  • Prep time: 7 Minutes Cook time: 8 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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  • 1 egg
  • 1 black olive
  • 1 carrot

Hard-boil the eggs for 8 minutes then put them under cold water to cool them down.
When they are cool enough to manage, peel the shell away.
Now using a short knife or lame, cut a zig-zag pattern about half way down the egg, just scoring it enough to get to the yolk but no more.
Once you have completed the full circle round the egg, gently lift up the top half egg white. It should come off quite easily!Now with your knife, cut off a bit more egg white from the top piece you lifted off, following the same zigzag pattern.
Cut into very very small pieces the olive and a little bit of carrot, and use them to create the eyes and beak respectively. Once you are happy with your positioning of these, put back your egg white on top and you are done!!! You can also make them in advance, they will keep for a few hours or overnight in the fridge, so you are not rushing it just before lunch when everyone is hungry.
This Italian Family
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