How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Corgi Marshmallows

6 Bombs
20 min

These hot chocolate bombs with Corgi marshmallows are a delight for dog lovers and are the perfect winter treat or homemade holiday food gift idea. Discover how to make hot chocolate bombs with Corgi marshmallows and check out my video of the unveiling of these sweet Corgi marshmallows from their chocolate filled shell!

Winter is here and what better way to enjoy those snowy winter days than with a warm cup of hot chocolate? I absolutely love homemade hot chocolate with real chocolate and milk. And, of course, marshmallows are a must as well!

As I’m a big dog lover (miniature dachshund owner here!) I wanted to make my own DIY hot cocoa bombs with marshmallows, but in a unique way. After finding these super cute  Corgi marshmallows online, I knew I had to include them in my own hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows recipe. It’s such a nice surprise to discover these puppy shaped marshmallows inside these hot chocolate bombs when they melt into a warm, delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Kids and adults alike will delight over these DIY hot cocoa bombs. Enjoy them as a special treat throughout winter. Or make them to give as homemade holiday gifts to your favorite dog lovers. This is the must make homemade Christmas food gift this year!

Be sure to check out my original post with my hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows recipe for tips on tempering and melting chocolate, the best molds for making hot cocoa bombs, and a step-by-step photo tutorial of the entire process.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Corgi Marshmallows
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  • 6  Bombs
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 5 Minutes Total time: 20 min
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  • 2 cups dark melting chocolate
  • 2 cups hot cocoa mix
  • 6 Corgi marshmallows
  • Chocolate jimmies or sprinkles

Chop the chocolate into chunks and place into a microwave safe bowl.
Heat the chocolate at 50% power in 30-second intervals, stirring after each heating. session and stir. When there are only a few lumps of chocolate that remain unmelted, discontinue further heating and stir the chocolate until it melts fully.
Place 1 Tablespoon of the melted chocolate into one half of a bomb mold. Using the bottom of your tablespoon measuring spoon, press the chocolate up the sides of the mold, keeping it thick but even. Repeat with 12 bomb mold halves.
Place the chocolate filled bomb molds in a muffin tin then put into the freezer for 5 minutes.
Remove molds from the freezer and gently tap the sides of the mold, pressing on one side of the chocolate to make the chocolate slide out of the mold.
Remove the Corgi heads from the the base of six of the marshmallows.
Fill 6 of the molds with 2 Tablespoons hot chocolate mix and 1 Corgi marshmallow head.
Heat a plate or a flat-bottom bowl in the microwave until the surface of the plate is warm to the touch.
Press one of the empty chocolate bomb halves open-side-down onto the flat portion of the warm plate for about 10 seconds. This will gently melt the rim of the chocolate cup.
Immediately press this warmed edge chocolate cup to the top of one of the filled cups to join the two halves of the hot chocolate bomb. If needed, add more of the chocolate melts to help shore-up the joint.
Use a piping bag pipe to pipe the remaining melted chocolate over the join line of the assembled hot cocoa bombs as well as a dollop on the top. Then immediately dip the melted chocolate bits into a bowl of chocolate jimmies.
Place the assembled hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows into the freezer for 5 minutes to set. Then remove the hot cocoa bombs and store in an airtight container until you’re ready to use.
  • To use the hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows, place one bomb into a mug. Now pour two cups of hot milk over the top of the hot cocoa bomb. Stir until the bomb has melted completely, then enjoy!
Rebecca D. Dillon
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