Unicorn Decorated Premade Cupcakes

by Jane
18 Cupcakes
10 min

These are a simple to make unicorn cupcake using ready made decorations for quickness if you’re in a rush and want something pretty& magical but without time to spare.

Add 250g of butter to your mixer and beat on a high until white & creamy.

Add 500g of icing sugar gradually and mix well until thick and creamy. Add a tsp of vanilla extract while mixing.

Use a small spatula to cover your ready made cooled cupcakes. Just spread some buttercream over each one to give them a nicer finish.

They should look like this when all covered. It makes them more even and levels them out.

Snip the top off your piping bag and use a large cupcake nozzle of your choice & place it into the bag and through the hole.

Open the top of your piping bag up and use a spoon to fill it with buttercream. Give the top of the bag a twist ready to use.

Starting in the middle of the cupcake you hold the piping bag slightly above the cupcake and gently squeeze the end of the piping bag where it’s twisted to push from the top downwards. Go round in a circular motion to the right.

So I have gone round to the right and will now carry on round the edge. Don’t stop make it one smooth flow the whole way around.

So you stop at the edge and ensure the whole cupcake is covered. Now you can decorate.

I bought a pre-made unicorn kit which is from PME & I got it on Amazon. You can make decorations but if you want something for quickness and you’re short for time then these pre made kits are ideal.

You slip your cupcake into the cardboard case, add some ears and a horn which are edible and it transforms your cupcakes into something magical that any princess or prince will love!

if you want a cupcake recipe, check out my vanilla cupcake post to help you out.

Unicorn Decorated Premade Cupcakes
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  • 18  Cupcakes
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 10 min
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  • 250g block butter
  • 500g icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
Put 250g butter into mixer and mix on high speed until white and creamy.
mad 500g icing sugar gradually on a low setting until thickened and mixed well.
add tsp vanilla.
cut tip off piping bag and put large piping nozzle in and fill with buttercream and twist end of the bag.
cover you pre baked or bought cupcakes with buttercream using a small spatula to give them a smooth flat surface.
starting in the middle of the cupcake pipe squeezing from above the twist in the bag and work your way round to the right in a spiral all the way until you cover the whole cupcake and get to the edge.
Now you can insert into cupcake cover if you have some and add pre bought or made unicorn horns and ears and your cupcakes are ready!
  • This makes enough buttercream to cover 18-24 cupcakes depending on what nozzle you use and style you decorate them.