Green Smoothie With Pear,Spinach and Ginger

Julie Choksi
by Julie Choksi
2 Servings
15 min

This gorgeous and delicious green smoothie is packed with immune boosting ingredients - like spinach,pear and ginger. Ginger adds a warm flavor in this smoothie which makes it perfect for fall/winter.

Nutrient-rich spinach add a beautiful green color to the smoothie. Pear and banana sweeten things up and ginger adds a zing. Spinach is usually a good starter ingredient for green smoothie since the flavor is milder than other greens like kale and chard.

You can make this smoothie banana-free by adding 1/2 cup plain yogurt or 1/2 ripe avocado. It works great. I love to add bananas in my smoothie because it not only adds sweetness but also thickens the texture of the smoothie.

The pear-ginger flavor combination is always a good one, and ginger has loads of health benefits and adds a warm flavor to the smoothie.

Hope you guys enjoy this Light, refreshing, and nourishing Green Smoothie !

Green Smoothie With Pear,Spinach and Ginger
Recipe details
  • 2  Servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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For The Smoothie
  • 1 Ripe Pear (Peeled,Seeded and /chopped
  • 1 1/2 Cup Baby Spinach
  • 1 Celery Stalk Chopped
  • 1 Small Banana
  • 1/2 Cup Plant Based Milk
  • 1 Tsp Freshly Grated Ginger
  • 1 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Honey To Taste
For The Smoothie
Add all the ingredients pear,spinach,ginger,celery,banana with some plant based milk.
Here I used coconut milk .You can use any other milk you prefer . To make the smoothie lighter you can also add water/ coconut water instead of milk.
Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice and add honey or any other sweetener you prefer.
Blend on high until smooth and no chunks of spinach remain. Pour into two glasses and serve.
  • Nancollards Nancollards on Oct 13, 2021

    Awesome, Thank you for green smoothie reminder and recipe! Have a nice day 🙂

  • Mandy Mandy on Oct 14, 2021

    Thanks for someone like me who works 2 jobs one overnight I need all the help I can from nutritional drink ,I will try this ,thanks again