Angel Food Smoothie

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5 min

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Angel Food Smoothie King's copycat recipe is a classic smoothie flavor + a secret ingredient to give it a flavor reminiscent of angel food cake. Make this smoothie at home for half the price.

Additions and Alternatives

Nut Butters - Just about any nut butter is the perfect addition to an angel food smoothie. Popular nut butter additions include peanut butter, almond butter, and macadamia nut butter.

Simple Syrup - Instead of using Turbinado Sugar (raw sugar), you can use simple syrup. Add equal parts of white sugar and water to a small pot to make simple syrup. Heat over low to medium heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Allow to fully cool before adding to the smoothie.

Protein Powder - Feel free to your favorite protein powder to this smoothie. Depending on the powder, the smoothie will be less sweet, and less sweet might also be your personal preference. It makes this addition a win-win!

Pure Vanilla Extract - optional - While this particular ingredient is not in the Smoothie King version, I like to add it to my smoothies. I feel it adds the "cake" flavor.


To achieve the smoothest smoothie, you must have a strong blender to break down the ice. In other words, the cheap blenders typically will not do the trick.

  • Household Blender - Traditional household blenders are convenient and affordable. Blending time varies by the blender wattage. I recommend taking breaks, so the motor does not burn out. Also, start at a lower speed and work up to a higher speed. This avoids the ingredients going directly to the sides of the blender.

  • High-Performance Blender - A Vitamix or a Ninja is an example of a high-performance blender. High-performance blenders can be expensive. However, if you make a lot of smoothies, they can be worth the investment.

  • Food Processor - Food processors will leave the smoothie a bit chunky. If you are in a pinch, this can be a good solution. Scrape down the sides as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Eat or Drink a Smoothie?You could eat or drink a smoothie. The answer depends on how thick the smoothie is and how it is served. Smoothies are usually served as a drink. However, smoothie bowls are also trendy.

Can You Live on Just Smoothie and Juicing?If you are interested in a smoothie and juicing diet, general nutrition advice is better given by your doctor.

What do I Eat With a Smoothie for Breakfast?I recommend making a smoothie bowl. Start by making a thick smoothie and pouring it into a bowl. Top with a variety of fresh fruits and granola. A smoothie bowl makes for the perfect breakfast!

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