Moring Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs Skillet

5 servings
20 Minutes

Eggs are a breakfast staple but I like playing around to keep things interesting! Enter the sweet potato hash from scratch!

I start off by dicing some pepper and onions and sautéing in oil over medium heat.

While that is cooking, I peel and grate a medium sized sweet potato.

Tip: when it comes to the bottom of the sweet pot, I chop up what's remaining as small as I can.

Then I add that to the skillet as well with salt and pepper to taste. I let that cook for about 8 minutes until tender stirring occasionally. This is also where you can add some meat like breakfast sausage.

Once the sweet potatoes are becoming tender, I carve out like circles in the pan with a wooden spoon and add the eggs.

Then I cover the pan to let the eggs cook over for about 5 minutes.

I like when my eggs are still yokie on the inside so I don't let them cook for took long.

Breakfast is served!

This dish is a big hit with the whole family! Kids and adult tested and approved :)

Moring Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs Skillet

Recipe details

  • 5 servings
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes|Cook time: 15 Minutes|Total time: 20 Minutes



sauté veggies in olive oil
grate sweet potato and add to the pan stirring occasionally
add breakfast sausage
make little pockets and gently add the eggs
cook covered for 5 minutes

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