Fudge Brownie and Oreo Ice Cream Cups(dairy-free)

15 cups
50 Minutes

Today we are indulging in the perfect family fun dessert- Oreo Ice Cream Cups! These little wonderful things are layered with chocolate brownies, decadent fudge and the easiest dairy free Oreo ice cream. We love simple and easy, and we LOVE everything mini!

People( everyone) keep saying that summer is over. “Let’s get the last lick of summer!” -a phrase that could have been perfect for this post. Except that here in Israel we are going through the hottest three days of the year- maybe of the last few years- and it feels like the very heat of the summer to me. 

Also, Lani just started school again, thank the Good Lord, but I have to walk to pick her up with the toddler and it is quite the exercise feat. All I want at the end of that walk is to fall into a pool of quenchingly cold water and eat ice cream.  So “Licks of the Summer” it is.

In the midst of it, this weekend I was assigned dessert lunch for 40 people. I knew it was going to be hot. I knew all anyone would want was ice cream, but I also needed to be a bit fancy. So I gathered up these little Oreo Ice Cream Cups- small enough that I could make for everyone (plus some), without losing my mind! They would be cold and refreshing , but exciting as well with the Oreo and brownie, and a little extra with the homemade fudge. 

Everything worked so fantastically together, and my favourite comment was when one of the boys asked "Estee, is this Ben & Jerrys?".

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All you have to do to make these simple Oreo Brownie Cups is follow three steps.

One: make brownies. I use Duncan Hines Brownie Mix because I really just love it and it’s a time saver- without being a taste-loser. If you have a favourite brownie recipe, go for it! 

Two: make homemade dairy free fudge.

this is step two and not step three because the fudge needs to sit in the fridge to cool down while you make the ice cream. It’s so simple and so fudgy! This fudge is made of: vegan butter, nondairy whipping cream, sugar, cocoa, and a couple squares of chocolate for extra thickness.

Add everything to a small pot and gently stir until the vegan butter and sugar dissolve. NOTE: I stopped buying margarine since I discovered a vegan butter made on a base of coconut and vegetable oil. It’s perfect for all dairy free cooking without the grease and unhealthy aspects of margarine.

Three: make the ice cream. To make the simplest best dairy free ice cream you will need dairy free Rich’s whip and Oreos. It’s not normal how easy it is. Whip up the whip(unless you’re serving a party of 40 you only need one container) until soft peaks form. Stop the mixer after a couple minutes and pull the whisk out. If the whip stays holding on to the whisk and doesn’t fall, it’s ready. Be careful not to over-mix because it can start to separate. 

Now all you have to do is assemble the ice cream cups! Remember- the smaller the ice cream cups, the more you will make, so you can totally make less with more in each!

Crumble the brownie between your serving cups, saving a little for the tops. Press it gently down so the bottom is covered. Dollop in the Oreo Ice Cream. Top with somewhat-cooled fudge, and sprinkle over some more brownie crumbs. Pop into the freezer until you’re ready to serve! If you want to be extra, you can half some Oreos and add one into the top of each cup. Just make sure to do this right before serving or the Oreos will soften in the freezer! YUMYUMYUM.

We know you’re going to love these Fudge Brownie and Oreo Ice Cream cups! Share a photo on Insta and tag estee_bestie if you make them, and don’t forget to snap a photo of  your ice cream before digging in! 

Fudge Brownie and Oreo Ice Cream Cups(dairy-free)

Recipe details

  • 15 cups
  • Prep time: 45 Minutes|Cook time: 5 Minutes|Total time: 50 Minutes


Non-Dairy Fudge Topping


Brownie Bottom

Prepare brownie mix according to package instructions(I use Duncan Hines), or make a batch of your favourite brownie! Reserve 1/4 cup of brownie for topping. Arrange individual cups on the counter and crumble brownies into the bottom of each cup. Press it down lightly so it covers the bottom.

Prepare Fudge

In a small saucepan over medium heat, add all the fudge ingredients. Stir constantly until the butter and sugar dissolve and the mixture is smooth. Place a kitchen towel under the bottom of the pan and set it in the fridge to cool.

Ice Cream

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment or with a hand held electric whisk, whip one container of Richs whip. Whip for about 3 minutes, or until stiff peaks form(this is when you pull the whisk out and the peaks of cream stay standing and don't fall over). Add in the crumbled Oreo cookies and gently fold the mixture with a spatula. Spoon dollops of ice cream into the cups on top the brownie mix, filling each one almost to the top.
Once the fudge has cooled slightly, spoon it over the ice cream. Crumble the remaining 1/4 cup brownies over the fudge, and place the cups in the freezer to set, or until ready to serve. EXTRA: Right before serving, you can add a half of an Oreo to the top of each cup for a little extra-extra. Enjoy!

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