1. Leftover Halloween Candy Pie

Throw all of your candy leftovers into this one pie and you won’t need to think about leftovers ever again! Problem solved, and you get a delicious dessert! Get recipe here

2. Shark Candy Sushi

Use your leftover gummy shark candy to make this fun and adorable sushi! Best of all, the kids will have a blast making it! Get recipe here

3. Blonde Brownies

What do you get when you mix Milky Ways, Baby Ruth’s, and Reese’s Pieces? The ultimate dessert! This buttery, melt-in-your-mouth, chewy brownie will have chocolate-lovers raving! Get recipe here

4. Trail Mix

Halloween hangover is inevitable, and not just for kids! When you want the perfect snack to balance the sugar overload, this treat will add a touch of salty and savory, while also using up some leftovers! Get recipe here

5. Gushers Candy

Did you know that you can make your own homemade Gushers? Grab those leftover fruit gummies to make a homemade version of everyone’s favorite candy! Get recipe here

6. Oreo Bark

Instead of going food shopping (or “snack shopping”), use your leftover Oreos, M&Ms, and pretzels to create this quick and easy treat! Freeze and save for a last-minute get-together! Get recipe here

7. Popcorn Balls

What could possibly be better than popcorn? A BALL of popcorn! Use your leftover already-popped popcorn, mini marshmallows, and any candy of your choice to create these delectable treats! Get recipe here

8. Snowman Snacks

Bring joy into your kids’ lives, AND use up your leftover pretzels, marshmallows, and candy corn with this adorable winter-themed snack that the whole family will enjoy. Get recipe here

9. Chex Snack Mix

Calling all sweet and salty lovers, this is the perfect snack mix to satisfy your cravings! Grab those leftover M&Ms, pretzels, and candy corn and have your snack ready in 10 minutes! Get recipe here

10. Rainbow Heart Candy

Why eat leftover Halloween candy if you can create your own candy! Melt Jolly Ranchers to make these original heart-shaped candies that you can give out to the people you love! Get recipe here