Chicken Shish Kebab With Homemade Flatbread

@cheese.and.han | Hannah
by @cheese.and.han | Hannah
2 portions
2 hr 20 min

As the weather is getting milder, I decided to dust off my BBQ and cook up some kebabs! I absolutely love this recipe for chicken shish kebabs and make it a couple of times a month. It's relatively healthy, especially if you add lots of salad and low fat yoghurt, but it also packs a serious punch in the flavour stakes so feels like a treat, even though it is healthy.

I've included the cooking instructions here for a domestic grill and a griddle pan to cook the chicken and flatbreads as I know most of you wont be as mad as me getting out your BBQs already - but note that these can both easily be cooked on the BBQ.

Chicken Shish Kebab With Homemade Flatbread
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  • 2  portions
  • Prep time: 2 Hours Cook time: 20 Minutes Total time: 2 hr 20 min
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For the kebabs
  • 2 large chicken breasts
  • 1 tbsp smoked paprika
  • 2 tsps cumin
  • Juice ½ lemon
  • 2 tbsps Greek yoghurt
  • 1 clove garlic, grated
  • ½ tsp salt
  • Drizzle olive oil
  • 1 tbsp pomegranate molasses (optional)
For the flatbreads (makes 8 but extras can easily be frozen)
  • 500 g / 3 cups plain flour
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 sachet (7g) fast action yeast
  • 250 mL / 1 cup warm water

Cut the chicken into big chunks, around an inch or so in size. Mix together all the marinade ingredients and mix with the chicken cubes - leave for a couple of hours (or overnight) in the fridge for the flavours to infuse and the yoghurt to tenderise the chicken.
An hour before dinner, start making the flat breads. Mix the yeast with the warm water, and then pour the mixture into the flour. Mix roughly to combine into a shaggy dough. Add the salt and olive oil and begin kneading. Knead for around 5 minutes, until the dough is smooth. Add to a clean bowl, cover with a tea towel and leave somewhere relatively warm for around an hour until roughly doubled in size.
At dinner time, take your dough and knock it back. Split it into 8 pieces and roll them into balls. Take each ball of dough in turn, and roll out into a rough oval shape. These don't need to be perfect by any stretch - but they should be around 1 cm thick. You can add toppings at this point if you like - crispy onions, fennel or nigella seeds work really well. At this point you can freeze any extra balls of dough to be used another day.
Next, thread your chicken onto skewers and grill on a moderate heat, rotating every couple of minutes until charred and cooked through.
Whilst the chicken is cooking, cook the flatbreads. Warm a griddle pan to a high to moderate heat. Add a rolled out flatbread (you don't need any oil) and cook for a minute or two until it starts to bubble. Turn it over at this point and cook the other side. Store somewhere warm until the remaining flatbreads are cooked.
Serve up the chicken and flatbreads with yoghurt, chopped red onions and parsley. Enjoy!
  • My mouth is watering . . . Would you be mad if I added garlic yogurt sauce? Next week, when I get a day off. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Pinned. ❤

    • @cheese.and.han | Hannah @cheese.and.han | Hannah on Feb 26, 2021

      Thanks so much! Garlic yoghurt sauce would work so well!!! I had these with cacik, which is a Turkish yoghurt sauce - with grated cucumber, garlic, lemon, mint and dill. It was really so delicious I might need to make these again! Also recommend a bit of chilli sauce too if like a bit of spice. Enjoy!

  • MOCHA SWIRL MOCHA SWIRL on Feb 28, 2021

    Oh my goodness I think I need to make this for dinner as a regular treat for international dinner date💙

    I may have some tazuki yogurt sauce on the side:D & a nice fresh salad what do you think Hannah? I know its not Turkish but its a little close enough I hope :)

    What a easy delicious receipe for chicken. Wish me luck on making the flat bread :D

    • @cheese.and.han | Hannah @cheese.and.han | Hannah on Feb 28, 2021

      I think that sounds absolutely fabulous! Who cares if it's Turkish it will be very tasty I'm sure!

      Good luck with the flatbreads and let me know how it all goes! 😊