Limoncello Mocktail Using Oleo-Saccharum

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4 mocktails
24 hr 10 min

There are a ton of reasons why a mocktail may be the best choice for you. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to socialize when you either do not drink or are choosing not to drink? So many events center around drinking and going to bars, etc. This can be really difficult! I am glad to see there are many more bars and restaurants who are catering to the inclusion of non-drinkers. I see so many menus now that have a separate "mocktail" section. Sure, a lot of these are just lemonade or fruit juices, ha, but they are trying.

Today, we can try to upgrade the "fruit juice" mocktail into something a bit more special and fancy. A traditional limoncello is usually served as a digestif after dinner in the summertime. It is made from the long (usually at least 3 week) process of fermenting lemons, sugar, and vodka. For our mocktail, we are going to take some creative liberties and add a couple different elements (of course no vodka :) ).

We are going to take a similar concept and make an Oleo-Saccharum which essentially translates to "oil-sugar". We will extract the tasty oils from lemon peels using sugar and this leaves behind a delicate and wonderfully bright lemon essential oil. You can do this with multiple other citrus fruits-I recently tried grapefruit and paired it with rosemary in a bubbly water and it was fantastic! I encourage you to do some research on Oleo-Saccharum.

Give this a try and I hope you enjoy!

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Limoncello Mocktail Using Oleo-Saccharum
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  • 4  mocktails
  • Prep time: 24 Hours Cook time: 10 Minutes Total time: 24 hr 10 min
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Limoncello Mocktail
  • 4 oz Oleo-Saccharum (separated into 4 glasses)
  • 4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice (separated into 4 glasses)
  • 8 oz seltzer water (lemon-flavored is even more fun if you have it) (separated into 4 glasses)
  • 4 oz lemon or berry kombucha (optional) (separated into 4 glasses)
  • zest from 1 lemon mixed with about 2 Tbsp sugar for glass rims (optional) (separated into 4 glasses)
Oleo-Saccharum (makes about 1/4 C)
  • 4 lemons, peels (no white pith)
  • 1/4 C sugar
  • boiling water
Oleo-Saccharum (makes about 1/4 C)
Peel lemons and be careful to ensure you do not include the white pith underneath the outer lemon peel. This has a bitter flavor and will muddy the taste of your Oleo-Saccharum.
Put peels in shallow bowl or cup and add sugar over the top
Gently muddle and press the sugar into the peels with the back of a spoon
Set aside for at least 4 hours, but overnight will work best. The lemon peels will begin to 'crisp up' on the edges
Boil water.
Strain the liquid into container and then add 1/4 C of boiling water over top of the peels to extract extra sugar and oil. Strain out peels and add strained liquid to oil previously extracted.
Limoncello Mocktail
Garnish lid of cocktail with sugar and lemon zest
Garnish with edible flowers or lemon wheel if desired
Add ice to glass (if using-see note)
Use cocktail shaker with ice to blend together Oleo-Saccharum, fresh lemon juice, seltzer water, and kombucha
Pour into glasses
  • The kombucha is an optional "punchy" flavor you can add if you choose. Know that if you use something other than lemon flavor, the limoncello aspect will not really hold up. However, I think berry kombucha would be a really nice addition. Keep in mind kombucha does have a very small amount of alcohol due to the fermentation process used to make it.
  • Plan at least one day in advance to make the Oleo-Saccharum. It should keep in a fridge for up to a month.
  • I encourage you to try making Oleo-Saccharum with other citrus fruits!
  • I add ice to my mocktail, but this is a big no-no with a traditional limoncello. If you keep all of your ingredients super-cold, you can get away with not using ice. You can also add all ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice and serve right away to get the same coolness.
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