Cashew Cream and Milk

1 tub
1 hr 5 min

I LOVE this cashew cream. I use it in nearly all of my creamy recipes and it really helps me get so much use out of a 16 oz. bag of cashews.

Because I use this simple recipe so frequently, I decided to make a separate post for it, so I can link other recipes to this.

Cashew cream really only requires two ingredients: cashews and water. I’ve realized that cashews are one of the more expensive nuts. However, I find the best prices at Trader Joes. I get a 16 oz. bag of raw, unsalted cashew PIECES for $6.99. Make sure you get the pieces and not the whole cashews, which are a dollar more.

The uses for this cashew cream are endless. I add it to pasta sauce to thicken and make it creamy. I make a ranch dip out of it. I’ll add it to smoothies, and so much more. It’s pretty bland on its own, but it takes on whatever flavor you add to it!

Because the cashews are so expensive, I make sure to get allllll my use out of it. I make a big tub of cashew cream and I even make one or two jugs of cashew milk!

One thing that is pretty essential to a good cashew cream is a high-powered blender. I use this Blentec. If you have a lower-power blender, like a nutribullet or just a plain blender, I would recommend soaking or boiling your cashews for longer so they’re softer. Using a bit more water will help ensure the cashews blend well. I will say that a food processor will not give you a silky result. If you only have a food processor to use, it can still work for cashew cream, but it will have a bit of grittiness to it.

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  • 1  tub
  • Prep time: 1 Hours Cook time: 5 Minutes Total time: 1 hr 5 min
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  • 16 oz Raw, unsalted cashews
  • 1 cup filtered water
For the Cashew Cream
Soak the cashews overnight in room temperature water OR boil the cashews for 20 minutes until soft
Add soaked cashews to the high powered blender with one cup of water
Blend until smooth. If necessary for the blender to work, you may need to add more water
For the Cashew Milk
Remove most of the cream from the blender, leaving some on the sides
Add the water in the same amount that you want in milk
Blend until you have a white liquid throughout
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