Fermented Milk AKA Milk Kefir

1 cup
24 hr 5 min

Have you tried making or drinking fermented milk? What are your thoughts?

I found out about it when I switched my cane corso to raw food diet. Kefir is a highly recommended probiotic to add to their raw diet meals.

This led me to sourcing the milk kefir grains and trying my hand at making it. It is super easy. Let me share how.

First step is to source the milk kefir grains. I put an APB on our local Facebook group and in short order found 2 friends who had grains to share.

The grains grow over time allowing you to share with friends and family.

When you get the grains you need to feed them. They prefer organic raw whole milk but you can use whatever you have on hand. Put the grains in a glass jar and add milk. Start with a jelly jar of milk for about 1 TBSP grains. Cover with a coffee filter and the ring to prevent any fruit flies etc from getting in the jar.

Let the jar sit in a dark cupboard for 24 hours.

Use a plastic strainer over a glass measuring cup to separate the grains from the kefir.

Use a plastic spatula to push kefir thru. Transfer the grains into a jar to start again with the steps above to make new batch.

With the kefir in the measuring cup you can now transfer to a glass jar and refrigerate before consuming. I like to add a bit of orange peel in the jar to add a nice flavor to the kefir.

Pour a bit of chilled kefir into a glass and enjoy!

I shared a newbie kombucha recipe too I did as well as water kefir; another favorite fermented beverage.

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Fermented Milk AKA Milk Kefir

Recipe details

  • 1  cup
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes Cook time: 24 Hours Total time: 24 hr 5 min
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  • milk kefir grains
  • milk of choice
  • glass jars; 1 for storage & 1 for fermenting
  • coffee filter
  • rubber band
  • glass measuring cup


See above
Place in a dark cupboard and let ferment for 24 hours.
Strain over a glass measuring cup using a rubber spatula to squish thru. Put the kefir into a storage jar adding a bit of citrus rind for flavor and store in the fridge.
Place kefirs grains back in fermenting jar and repeat the process.


  • You can flavor the finished kefir with whatever flavor you like such as citrus peels (my fav), maple syrup, fresh fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, chai tea bag, pumpkin pie spice, cocoa etc.
  • Add kefir to smoothies, salad dressing, baked goods like pancakes & biscuits (eg replace buttermilk), ice cream or anyplace you would use plain yogurt.
  • My Cane Corso loves this probiotic in her daily meals.

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