Easiest Oreo Pie Crust Recipe + Video

1 pie crust
10 min

You are going to go crazy at how very easy this Oreo Pie Crust recipe is to make! A homemade no-bake pie crust, with two simple ingredients and so much better than a store bought cookie crust.

The beauty behind this easy pie crust is you can make it with any flavor of Oreo cookie, or any other sandwich cookie, even gluten free sandwich cookies, the recipe is the same. Who doesn’t love a cookie crust?

Here are a few recipes that this Golden Oreo Cookie Crust would work perfectly with: Easiest Lemon Cream Pie and Easy Key Lime Pie.

Why You Will Love this Oreo Pie Crust

I have been making Oreo crust recipes for decades, it is perfect in the summertime since the crust does not require baking and is quite possibly the best pie crust ever, especially for your favorite pie, bar and cheesecake recipes.

  • Two ingredients! That’s it! Just 2 simple ingredients!
  • Change the flavor by changing the cookie!
  • So Easy | I used a food processor which makes this pie crust even easier, but you can use a rolling pin and baggie too! Takes 10 minutes tops!
  • Tastes amazing! And presses perfectly each and every time!
  • Replace it for other cookie crusts, graham cracker crusts, regular pie crusts! Be creative!


  • Golden Oreos | or any flavor Oreo you would like, the measurements are the same!
  • Butter | There isn’t much in this, go for the real stuff, if it’s soft coming out of the fridge, it is a blend and not real butter!

How to Make a Oreo Pie Crust from Scratch

Step 1

  • Crush cookies to a crumb in a food processor or if you do not have a food processor, place cookies in heavy duty baggie and roll to crush with rolling pin. They do not have to be evenly crushed, a few larger pieces here and there is fine.

Step 2

  • Once you have crumbs, pour melted butter into crumbs and pulse until combined, or mix cookie crumbs and melted butter in a bowl with a fork.

Step 3

  • Pour crumbs into desired pie plate and press into an even layer.
  • You can see in the image below that the same amount can look very different in your pie dish depending on the dish.
  • A deep dish pie plate will not have a nice thick edge as a shallower pie dish will, though both taste great!


  • To easily press the Oreo Cookie Crust into the pie dish, I use a combination of wax paper or parchment paper as well as use the bottom of a flat measuring cup.
  • Since this is a no-bake pie crust, you do not need to be too concerned about it being perfectly even.
  • Freeze the crust for 30 minutes before filling, this will help the butter bond with the cookie crumbs.
  • If you really want your crust to hold together, add 1-2 tablespoons of additional melted butter when processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove the cream filling when making a cookie crust?The number one question I have been asked, is do you remove the cream filling? No, that is part of the beauty and charm, the cream filling adds bonding ability to the Oreo crust.

Can I use chocolate Oreos or other Oreo flavors?Yes, this recipe works the same using Golden, Chocolate or other flavored Oreo cookies. For that matter, using other brands as well!

Can I use a different sandwich style cookie like Oreo?Absolutely! I have used Organic Newman O’s, Trader Joe’s O’s amongst others.

What about a gluten free cookie crust?With the new Gluten Free Oreo Cookies I think this would be great! I would try other GF brands as well.

Easiest Oreo Pie Crust Recipe + Video
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  • 1  pie crust
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 10 min
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  • 24 Oreo cookies, finely crushed (Golden, Regular, Flavored, or any other sandwich cookie)
  • 4 tablespoons butter, melted (if you are concerned about your crust really sticking together, add 1-2 additional tablespoons butter)

In the bowl of a food processor*, add Oreo cookies and pulse until fine crumbs.
Pour in and pulse to mix melted butter.
Press into desired 9" pie plate, shallow or deep dish, though deep dish will be a thinner crust.
Freeze 30 minutes before filling, no baking required. Fill as desired and enjoy!
  • *If you don't have a food processor, no problem, simply place the cookies into a gallon size baggie and use a rolling pin to crush the cookies finely. Use any flavor of Oreo cookie desired! Or try other sandwich cookies, Organic cookies and even Gluten Free Cookies, add a little bit of melted butter at a time if using Gluten Free.
  • Use in place of any regular pie crust, in place of graham cracker or other cookie crusts. Also delicious as a base for bars, crumbles, etc.
Kathleen | The Fresh Cooky
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    A serving is 1744 calories as it says in the nutrition info? Can this be correct?

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      Thanks for the calorie clarification! Around 220 makes much more sense.