3 Ingredient Flour Tortillas

Irma | mycreativekneads
by Irma | mycreativekneads
4 Tortillas
28 min

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my recipe! First of all, this recipe is only for the tortillas, not for the filling. You can fill them with anything you like. I filled mine with shrimp and chicken. Get as creative add you like.

Don’t you just love a good but very simple recipe? I do especially because my life is so busy anymore. These 3 ingredients tortillas are the easies, very minimal ingredients tortilla recipe everrrr. This recipe is very versatile too and you can use any type of flour. If you choose to use a gluten free flour though I will forewarn you that rolling out the tortilla may take a little more work. The reason being is that gluten free flour lacks the structure and binding characteristics of gluten. My favorite flour to use for this recipe is Einkorn, it’s an ancient grain, full of fiber, protein, lower in gluten content and more digestible than wheat flour.

Although this recipe has minimal ingredients, I can asure you, they taste great & they’re very pliable too. The flavor of the tortillas will vary depending on the type of flour you use. I’ve used buckwheat flour, a gluten free flour that has a nutty, maple/butterscotch flavor. I love it! It doesn’t turn out as pliable as the gluten flour counterpart but they’re still delicious. Fill these tortillas with anything you like. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Alright, let’s get cooking!

3 Ingredient Flour Tortillas
Recipe details
  • 4  Tortillas
  • Prep time: 20 Minutes Cook time: 8 Minutes Total time: 28 min
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For the tortillas
  • 1 cup Einkorn flour or flour of choice
  • 1/2 cup 0% Fage nonfat yogurt
  • Trader Joe’s umami seasoning to taste (or seasonings of choice)
For the tortillas
Add all ingredients into a bowl 
Mix/knead to thoroughly combine ingredients 
Form into a disk, cover & refrigerate for 15 minutes
Remove from fridge, cut into 4 equal pieces 
Using a rolling pin, roll each piece into 10 inch rounds 
Lightly oil a pan, using medium to high heat.
Cook the first tortilla for approximately 1 to 2 minutes, within 30 seconds, it will puff up with bubbles & brown spots will begin to appear. You can press down on the bubbles with a spatula, tea cloth or paper towel.
Flip tortilla & cook for another 1 to 2 minutes. Continue the same process with the last 3 pieces.
Fill with anything you prefer