Simple but Delicious Lasagna Roll Ups

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by Denise's Test Kitchen
10 servings
40 min

When my girls were in High School and time was limited, I ran across a recipe for Lasagna Roll Ups. I would make them a few times a month by request. I have long lost the recipe and don't remember where I even found it.

Most of the ingredients right here

So, I have made up my own recipe for this family favorite. The ingredients include: ground beef, ricotta cheese, pasta sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, pinch of Italian seasoning and the star of the show of course is the lasagna noodles.

Getting ready to put it all together

This does get a bit messy and you will need some counter space. Once the noodles are cooked and cooled, you fill them with the pasta sauce mixture and cheese and then roll them up. Place them in your baking dish, seam side down. I put the remaining sauce mixture and cheese on the top of the noodles and baked them.

Lasagna Roll Ups are ready to eat!

My oldest daughter, recently had our first grandchild and I had asked her if there was something I could make her for dinner. This dish is what she asked for. As I made these, the memories came rolling back. I could almost hear the girls in the back ground.

Simple but Delicious Lasagna Roll Ups
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  • 10  servings
  • Prep time: 20 Minutes Cook time: 20 Minutes Total time: 40 min
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  • 1 lb GroundBeef
  • 16 ounces Ricotta Cheese
  • 3/4 cup Parmesan Cheese
  • 3/4 cup Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1- 25 ounce jar Pasta Sauce
  • pinch of Italian Seasoning
  • 12 Lasagna Noodles

Prepare lasagna noodles according to the package. Drain, cool and set aside.
Cook ground beef in skillet until no longer pink. Add jar of pasta sauce to the ground beef.
Mix ricotta cheese with 1/4 parmesan and 1/ 4 mozzarella cheese.
In your baking dish, cover the bottom of the dish with the ground beef and pasta sauce mixture.
Lay out a lasagna noodle on parchment paper; with spoon or spatula spread ricotta cheese mixture on 3/4's of the noodle and then add some pasta sauce mixture. I also add a little bit of the mozzarella and parmesan cheese on top of the pasta mixture and then I roll the noodle with the mixture up. Placing the seam down in the baking dish, right on the layer of pasta sauce mixture. Continue to do this with all 12 of the lasagna noodles.
Spread the remaining pasta sauce mixture and both cheeses and bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes or until cheeses are melted.
Denise's Test Kitchen
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  • Why take the time rolling them up, it sounds like normal lasagna! Which is always good!

  • Kay Cloninger Kirby Kay Cloninger Kirby on Nov 27, 2022

    This sounds delicious my grandsons would love it

    Do you drain your ground beef before putting the pasta sauce in and which kind of parmesan cheese the grated or shredded

    • Denise's Test Kitchen Denise's Test Kitchen on Nov 27, 2022

      Yes, I do drain the beef before adding the sauce. I should add that in the instructions. And I use the grated Parmesan Cheese.

      Let me know if your grandsons like it! I just had a grandson a few weeks ago and I hope he likes it when he gets bigger!!