Chinese Soy Milk

2.5 Liters
1 hr 40 min

I grew up drinking soy milk, in fact, it was often considered to be a treat when my parents would buy it for me when we were out. Back when I was a child, we couldn’t just buy soy milk from the grocery store unfortunately. So, when we dined out and my parents ordered it, my eyes would light up. The smooth silky lightly sweetened drink tasted so good compared to normal cow’s milk.

The Chinese style of soy milk has a much stronger bean taste compared to the western styles. I don’t mind it at all however for some it may take some getting used to. The process for making it is quite simple. The only tedious part for me is the part when it comes to straining it. I do like to strain it twice to ensure a silky smooth end product. However, some don’t strain it at all and don’t mind the grittier texture.

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  • 2.5  Liters
  • Prep time: 50 Minutes Cook time: 50 Minutes Total time: 1 hr 40 min
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  • 400g dried soy beans
  • water
  • sugar, to taste (optional)

Rinse the soy beans under cold water to get rid of any dirt or dust. In a large mixing bowl, soak the beans in water overnight.
In the morning, drain the beans and transfer to a medium sized stock pot. Add in 6-8 cups of water. Bring the pot to a boil and then reduce to simmer. Simmer for about 45 minutes or until the beans are soft. Drain. At this point, you can optionally remove the skins of the beans by rubbing them together and picking them off. Removing the skins will result in the milk having less of a bean taste.
You will need to blend the beans in 2 batches. Add in half of the beans, approximately 2.5 cups to the blender along with 5 cups of filtered water. Blend until the mixture is smooth. Start slow and then I like to increase it to high for a minute or two.
Transfer to a nut milk bag and strain into a jug. You can optionally strain a second time for a super smooth and silky texture. Add in sugar to taste and stir to dissolve if you prefer it sweetened.
Repeat with the rest of the beans.
The milk lasts 4 days in the fridge.
  • Try it warm and lightly sweetened for dessert.