Low FODMAP Friendly Beef Stew - Adapted From The Flexible Chef

10 Servings
3 hr 15 min

I am SO excited to share this recipe with you I can hardly contain myself! When Nealy Fischer of The Flexible Chef reached out to me and asked if I would recreate one of her most popular dishes, Simply Succulent Beef Stew, from her cookbook Food You Want: For The Life You Crave, to be low FODMAP friendly Beef Stew, I instantly jumped at the opportunity.

Beef Stew is one of my all time favorite chilly weather cozy meals, and it's a bonus love of mine not only due to how easy it is to prepare, but it's hearty enough to feed my very hungry husband for dinner and satisfy him to boot!

I snagged myself a copy of her cookbook after remixing this recipe and I have to say each and every single one of her recipes look to be SO simple and easy to flip into low FODMAP friendly options, I cannot wait to cook my way through it.

Nealy's recipes are designed to be flexible in the first place which is one of the reasons why I love her recipes so much. She starts out with lots of clean, whole foods as the stars of each dish which allow for really simple low FODMAP swaps to flex their way into your meals. In this recipe, instead of using garlic + onion as traditionally used in Beef Stew, I created a low FODMAP Beef Stew by swapping in garlic infused olive oil and scallions. You still get that depth of flavor you'd expect from onion + garlic without the digestive discomfort. I also swapped out soy sauce for coconut aminos, a soy-free low FODMAP substitute for soy sauce. If you haven't tried coconut aminos yet, I dare you to do a blind taste test with some soy sauce. You will NOT know the difference! I don't tolerate much soy at all, so this was a winning swap for me. If you're not someone who tolerates tomato, I didn't try this but as I was cooking I thought "hmmmm, canned pumpkin might be a really tasty swap here!" You could even try using 1 cup pumpkin puree and 1 cup tomato sauce just to reduce that a bit if the acidity doesn't mesh well with you. Again, I didn't personally try that but something tells me it would be so delicious! Now, you might be wondering, pineapple juice. This sounds different. Is this low FODMAP friendly? First, PLEASE do not omit this if you tolerate pineapple! It gives the dish this uber subtle sweetness that just kicks up the yum ten fold. Pineapple is low FODMAP friendly in 1 cup servings, and there is exactly 1 cup of pineapple juice in this 10 serving recipe, so if fructans are not an issue for you do not leave this out!

With Nealy's permission, I have added the recipe below with each of the ingredients I used in creating my version of low FODMAP Beef Stew.

Did you get a chance to make this recipe? Don't forget to leave me a love note in the comments and let me know what you think! And don't forget to tag your images on Facebook and Instagram so I can see how your creation turned out!

Low FODMAP Friendly Beef Stew - Adapted From The Flexible Chef
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  • 10  Servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 3 Hours Total time: 3 hr 15 min
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  • 2-3 tbsp garlic infused olive oil, divided
  • 4lbs beef shoulder, short rib, or stew meat*
  • 1/2 cup scallions, chopped (green parts only)
  • 1/4 cup coconut aminos
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 tsp coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1 cup dry red wine
  • 2 cups tomato sauce
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • 4 medium carrots, chopped
  • 2 red bell peppers, cored + chopped
  • 1/2 cup acorn squash, pumpkin, or any firm squash, cubed
  • salt + freshly ground black pepper to taste

Heat 2 tbsp of the garlic infused olive oil in a large Dutch oven or other large pot with a lid over medium-high heat. Working in batches, add the beef and cook until browned on all sides, about 4 minutes per batch. Remove the beef from the pot with a slotted spoon + set aside.
Add the scallions to the pot, with a bit more garlic infused olive oil if necessary, and cook them in the beef juices, stirring frequently, until tender/browning about 5-6 minutes.
Return the beef to the pot and add the coconut aminos, bay leaves, thyme, paprika, cayenne, and coarsely ground black pepper. Cook, stirring well, to allow the beef to absorb the flavors, for 1 minute. Add the wine, and bring to a boil. Boil until the alcohol evaporates, about 5 minutes.
Reduce heat to low, and stir in the tomato sauce and pineapple juice. Cover and simmer until beef is fork tender, about 2 hours.
Add the carrots, bell pepper, and squash/pumpkin, and cook, covered, until soft, about 45 minutes to an hour. Season to taste with salt + pepper.
  • Tip: Searing the beef and browning the scallions add depth of flavor to the dish. Don't skip this part! I used beef rib eye roast for this but you can use beef short ribs, shoulder, or any slow-cooking cut.
Kimberly | Pretty Delicious Life
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  • Looks really good! What intrigued me was the pineapple juice. I am feeding my bubble buddies and always looking for that "something different" so they don't get bored. Will have to sub out the coconut aminos. One person has a bad allergy, like EPI pen time so I need to be careful. Thanks for sharing a terrific recipe. Can't wait to make it! Happy Holidays!

    • Isn’t the pineapple juice interesting?! It adds just a subtle level of sweetness and makes the tomato a little less acidic tasting! Oh yes definitely sub the aminos that sounds like a severe allergy! Regular old soy sauce works perfectly if that’s tolerable. I hope you enjoy! Have a safe and happy holiday season!