1. Baked Chicken Legs

Football players often like to stick to natural foods such as chicken, fish, seafood, and veggies! This delicious, baked (not fried) chicken with mixed seasoning is the perfect example! Get recipe here

2. Herb Grilled Salmon Recipe

Athletes usually maintain a heavy-protein diet to help build and repair muscles—those huge muscles don’t come from nowhere! This herb-grilled salmon recipe is a delicious meal to get a nice amount of protein! Get recipe here

3. Fluffy Loaded Eggs

The perfect way to start off your day as a football player is with this savory and delicious protein and vegetable-filled omelet! Best of all, it’s so quick to make so the players have more time to train! Get recipe here

4. Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

As an athlete, it’s pretty important to stay away from sweets and fizzy drinks. So what do football players eat when they need to indulge?!

Protein shakes, obviously! This delicious chocolate banana protein shake satisfies the sweet tooth without breaking any diet rules! Get recipe here

5. Lime Brown Rice

A typical dinner for an athlete can be super simple—just tuna, brown rice, and some veggies. Master this performance-based diet with this brown rice recipe that has a tangy twist! Get recipe here

6. Oven-Baked Lemon Oregano Parmesan French Fries

Ideally, it’s best for football players to stay away from fried food. So, when athletes have a French fry craving, they should run to this baked alternative!

These oven-baked French fries are so crunchy and delicious, you’ll never miss the fried version! Get recipe here

7. Whole Wheat Bread

Football players often load up on whole grains days before their match— like this fluffy, easy-to-make whole wheat bread! Eat this alone or with dips for a super-fulfilling meal! Get recipe here

8. Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

While it’s important for foot players to stay away from refined carbs, they do still need a sweet treat every once in a while.

This dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookie is the perfect way to enjoy a treat while still eating whole grains! Get recipe here

9. Classic Fruit Salad

We can’t forget how important fruits are in a football player’s diet. This classic fruit salad is the perfect snack to get in essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber which all help to decrease inflammation and support recovery! Get recipe here

10. Chickpea and Black Bean Salad

When in doubt of what to eat, a football player can never go wrong with a salad! Especially when it includes beans for added protein. This salad has a delicious lemon and garlic dressing, and it’s all made in only 15 minutes! Get recipe here