3-2-1 Quick Sweet Pickling Solution

Jaye Fong
by Jaye Fong
1 jar
24 hr 15 min

Ever wanted to get into pickling but just don't know where to start? This is the absolute perfect place to begin! This easy all-purpose pickling solution will have you pickling up a storm. All you need is to remember the magic ratio: 3-2-1.

This Asian-style pickling solution can also be tweaked if you like your pickles less sweet. You can add whatever seasonings you enjoy, such as dill, bay leaf, tri-peppercorn, szechuan peppercorn, smoked salt, and more!

Pickle anything from cucumbers, radishes, onions, daikon, carrots, parsnips, ginger, beets, etc.. The possibilities are endless. These pickles are great as side dishes to k-bbq, j-bbq, and American bbq. They're great with sandwiches, salads, burgers, and toast!

3-2-1 Quick Sweet Pickling Solution
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  • 1  jar
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 24 Hours Total time: 24 hr 15 min
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  • 3 parts sugar (granulated, caster, etc...)
  • 2 parts water (warm)
  • 1 part vinegar (white, rice, apple cider)
  • seasoning optional (dill, bay leaf, tri-peppercorn, szechuan peppercorn etc...)

Dissolve the sugar in the warm water.
Add the vinegar and stir until combined.
Stuff a jar with your desired vegetables.
Pour the pickling solution over it.
Fridge the pickles for 24 hours. You can eat them in less than 24 hours, but they are best 24 hours and beyond.
  • Scaling: the best part about this recipe is that you can scale up as much as you need! I usually start with 1/4 cp vinegar, 1/2 cp water, 3/4 cp sugar and go from there.
Jaye Fong
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  • Justin Horne Justin Horne on Sep 03, 2022

    Hey might be a typo but this recipe makes a simple syrup of 50% sugar

    think you may have your 3,2,1, in the wrong order,

    the scandinavian way is

    3 parts water

    2 parts vinegar

    1 part sugar


    Chef Justin