Sugar Free Jam (3 Ingredients, 10 Minutes)

8 servings
11 min

Whether you choose blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or a mix of both, this sugar free jam is sure to delight. Requiring just three simple, whole food ingredients and 10 minutes of your time, you’ll find yourself making homemade sugar free jam all year long!

Strawberry Chia Sugar Free Jam

This berry chia jam recipe is sugar free and so simple I almost can’t believe it myself! Whether you’re following a low FODMAP diet or simply avoiding refined sugars, you’ll be so pleased to enjoy jam again after trying this easy recipe.

Berry chia jam makes the perfect low FODMAP spread on toast + biscuits, or use it as a topping for your favorite yogurt + grain free granola bowls or even as a topping to vanilla ice cream!

Low FODMAP Tip: Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are all low FODMAP friendly fruits, but in specific serving sizes: Strawberries = 5oz, about 10 medium berries. Blueberries = 1 oz, about 1/4 cup heaped. Raspberries = 2 oz, about 30 berries according to Monash University.

What Makes this a Sugar Free Jam?

  • That’s simple, there are no added sugars! Only the natural sugar that comes straight from the berry.
  • If you’d like to add a touch more sweetness but keep this a refined sugar free recipe, simply add 1 tablespoon of either maple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar.

Highlights of this recipe

  • It requires just a few ingredients. Three to be exact. Berries, chia seeds, and lemon juice.
  • It’s fast! You’ll whip this jam up in just about 10 minutes flat.
  • It’s easy! 3 ingredients in 10 minutes? Can’t get easier than that!
  • Anyone can enjoy it. Whether you’re following a low FODMAP diet, keto diet, paleo diet, or are vegan, this jam is for you!
Blueberry Chia Sugar Free Jam
Sugar Free Jam Tips, Tricks + Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a thicker jam, use 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds.
  • I recommend using the maple syrup + cinnamon if making blueberry chia jam. This makes the jam taste just like blueberry pie filling! However, if you’re hoping to keep this truly sugar free jam, omit the maple syrup and allow the sweetness from the blueberries to come through.
  • Are chia seeds low FODMAP? Yes! According to Monash University, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds are in fact a low FODMAP friendly serving size!
  • Can I use frozen berries instead of fresh? If you do not have access to fresh berries, you can absolutely use frozen! This is what makes this jam the perfect recipe to make all year round.
  • What if I want to sweeten the jam? If you’d prefer a little additional sweetness in your jam, I recommend adding maple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar. in order to keep it refined sugar free.
  • Can I use bottled lemon juice? I always recommend using fresh lemon juice when possible, but if you do not have fresh lemons available, lemon juice from a bottle works just fine!

As someone who healed SIBO successfully through a low FODMAP diet, this berry chia jam was a go to for me when preparing low FODMAP breakfasts. Since it is refined sugar free and contains low FODMAP friendly ingredients it is the perfect recipe to make all year round!

Sugar Free Jam Ingredients
What to pair with Sugar Free Jam

  • Enjoy a delicious low FODMAP breakfast of gluten free bagels + jam!
  • Top your grain free granola bowl
  • Enjoy it over homemade dairy free vanilla ice cream

Looking for more easy no canning required jam recipes? Try this same day orange marmalade recipe! Simply substitute monkfruit sweetener for sugar to keep it refined sugar free.

Steps for making sugar free jam.

Step 1

Choose your berries. Here, I am making sugar free strawberry jam. About 12 large berries, or 3 cups, is all you need.

Step 2

Chop berries. They will cook down as they simmer, but the smaller you chop the fewer chunks of fruit you will have in your jam. The choice is entirely up to your personal preference.

Step 3

Measure your berries to ensure you have about 3 cups. It is okay if you have slightly more or less.

Step 4

Add berries to pot over medium high heat.

Step 5

After about 5 minutes your berries should become juicy + begin to bubble. Use a spoon, spatula or potato masher to smash the berries until your desired consistency is reached. I prefer a chunkier jam, so I typically will smash the berries just a bit after cooking for 5 minutes.

Step 6

Add chia seeds + lemon juice after cooking down jam for 5 minutes. Reduce heat to simmer + allow to cook down further, stirring occasionally to ensure chia seeds and lemon juice is fully incorporated. If you have decided to add cinnamon or maple syrup, now’s the time!

Tips for Storing Sugar Free Jam

  • Store jam in airtight, heat proof containers in the fridge. Jam will remain fresh up to 5 days.

Did you have a chance to make this recipe? If so, please leave me a rating and review below. I always love and appreciate hearing from you!

Sugar Free Jam (3 Ingredients, 10 Minutes)
Recipe details
  • 8  servings
  • Prep time: 1 Minutes Cook time: 10 Minutes Total time: 11 min
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  • 3 cups berries fresh or frozen
  • 3 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup optional for extra sweetness
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon optional

Choose your berries. If using strawberries, chop about 12 large berries to use for the jam.
Add 3 cups of berries to a sauce pot over medium high heat. Allow berries to cook for about 5 minutes, occasionally mashing with a spoon or potato masher.
After 5 minutes, reduce heat to simmer and add lemon juice, chia seeds, and cinnamon + maple syrup if you are using.
Continue to simmer jam for an additional 5 minutes, mashing with a spoon and stirring occasionally. Jam will begin to thicken on its own as it simmers.
Once the final 5 minutes have passed, remove jam from heat and allow it to cool slightly before spooning into air tight, heat proof containers.
  • Store jam in airtight, heat proof containers in the fridge. Jam will remain fresh up to 5 days.
  • If making blueberry jam, I recommend adding the maple syrup + cinnamon. Your jam will taste just like blueberry pie filling!
Kimberly | Pretty Delicious Life
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  • Lois March Lois March on Aug 17, 2021

    Why chia seeds? Does that thicken the jam?

    • Victoria McMackin Victoria McMackin on Aug 18, 2021

      Chia thickens by becoming mucilaginous and expends when it encounters moisture. So yes, it is a thickening agent.

  • Jeannie Armstrong-Shaw Jeannie Armstrong-Shaw on Aug 17, 2021

    Can you pressure can this recipe?

    • See 1 previous
    • Jeannie Armstrong-Shaw Jeannie Armstrong-Shaw on Aug 18, 2021

      Thank you soooooo much for the explanation! I’m brand new to canning, so I’m always looking for things to try! I appreciate the detailed reasoning! 💕