Peach Old Fashioned

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10 min

I love finding new twists on some of my favorite things. For this peach old fashioned, we are essentially removing the citrus (orange) and swapping in peach. Now, I know a real old fashioned is something different, you could also call this a bourbon peach drink, but that doesn't sound as fun :)

I revised this into an easier recipe by using a little bit of real peach juice and normal simple syrup. However, when I first made it, I actually made peach simple syrup. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also give this a try. Bring 1/2 C sugar, 1/2 C water and 2 C peach slices to a boil until sugar dissolved. Simmer on low for about 30 minutes. Strain out peach solids through fine-mesh strainer and keep reserved peach syrup in the fridge for about 1-2 weeks. This is also great stirred into tea! Retain the peach solids and enjoy on ice cream, blended into smoothies, or put on top of yogurt, the options are endless!

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  • 1  drink
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes Cook time: 5 Minutes Total time: 10 min
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Peach Old Fashioned
  • 1 shot bourbon
  • 1 Tbsp juice from peach
  • 1 tsp tupelo honey
  • Splash bitters
  • Optional garnishes: peach slice, basil
Peach Old Fashioned
If making peach simple syrup, you can make this and set aside to cool ahead of time. It will need about 30 minutes to cool off after cooking.
If saving on time, pour bourbon into glass, squeeze in fresh peach juice, and stir in 1 tsp honey. Add a splash of bitters and stir.
Add optional garnishes like a slice of peach or a sprig of basil
  • Check out the description for how to make your own peach simple syrup!
  • You can easily double this recipe
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