Classic Old Fashioned

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by The Black Cat Kitchen
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When my guy and I moved to Nashville, we celebrated with our favorite cocktail, an Old Fashioned. We wanted to make it special. I found these adorable tumblers that celebrated where both of us had spent significant amounts of time living with these neat little maps engraved. The standout on this Old Fashioned, the Eli Mason mixer. This is absolutely the most flavorful and unique blend of bitters with a dash of simple syrup ever. It pairs perfectly with our favorite bourbon whisky, too. I wish this was a paid sponsor for Eli Mason, but I'm just doing this for free because I love it that much. I'm fairly certain you can find it online, but what's perfect for these drinks? It comes straight from our new city, Nashville.

So, here I present to you a little personal story about me with two pasts coming together into a new future in a new city.

Don't forget that orange! We had a blood orange for ours which was fun, but regular oranges work perfectly. I like to cut a thin strip of the peel and singe it under a flame briefly. Then, I run it over the rim of the cup for an extra orange punch. Cheers!

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  • 2  drinks
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Old Fashioned
  • 4 oz bourbon, divided
  • 2-4 tsp of Eli Mason bitters/mixer (If you don't have, use 6 dashes of bitters and 1 tsp sugar and stir with splash water until the sugar is dissolved, divided)
  • Orange peel: must-have garnish
Old Fashioned
Stir sugar/bitters/water together until sugar dissolved OR pour in Eli Mason/other mixer
Fill glass with a single giant ice cube (you need it :D)
Add bourbon and stir gently
I like to burn my orange peel to give it a smoky flavor as well.
The Black Cat Kitchen
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