Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

30-32 Turkeys
34 min

These Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies are so cute and fun to make. They will add so much to your holiday table, especially for the kids. These cute cookies make a fun activity for the kids to make (they may even keep them busy for a little while-while you are baking 😊). They will love to make them and love to eat their creation when they are finished! Examples of the ingredients along with links can be found on Sweeter With Sugar. We have many recipes you may love. Here is a link to some of our Thanksgiving Recipes. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The finished project.

Attach the candies and the sunflower seeds with the melted chocolate. Work quickly.

Put them together and allow time for the chocolate to dry and to harden. Enjoy your cute turkey cookies!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies
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  • 30-32  Turkeys
  • Prep time: 30 Minutes Cook time: 4 Minutes Total time: 34 min
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  • 1 package chocolate wafer cookies
  • 1 package Nutter Butters
  • 1 package candy corn-big enough bag for 30 turkeys
  • Food grade eyes-enough for the number of turkeys you are making
  • Red and yellow candy coated sunflower seeds (The package had other colors, too)
  • Melted chocolate-for assembling

Melt the chocolate slowly (I melt the chocolate slowly in the microwave, stirring every 30-45 seconds). Do not get the chocolate too hot. Stirring between times will help melt the chocolate more evenly.
Use melted chocolate to attach candy corn to the back of the chocolate wafer cookies. Next, attach the eyes, beak, and the wattle to the Nutter Butter. Allow time for the chocolate to harden. I used the end of a toothpick to put the chocolate on the eyes, beak, and wattle for the turkey's cute face. I made some of the turkeys facing forward and some looking to the side for variety. 
Use the melted chocolate to attach the turkey body to the turkey feathers (wafer cookie and candy corns. Allow time to harden. I used a sucker stick to support the cookie while the chocolate hardened. This worked very well. If you do not have sucker sticks, anything else will work that is about the same size. Maybe a folded paper towel, a thin straw, or a dish cloth.
  • No need to make all 30-32 cookies that are in the Nutter Butter container, if you do not want.
  • Time will vary due to the number of cookies making and how many people are making them with you.
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