Halloween Witch Hat Cookies

Melissa Hagan
by Melissa Hagan
24 cookies
15 min

Halloween is fast approaching! It is time to unleash our creativity and the Witch’s Hat Cookies are just perfect for the festivities. These bite-sized cookies are perfect for classroom parties and Halloween party treats. To top it up, preparing these witch hat cookies takes only 15 minutes. Also, the recipe is super easy since it doesn’t involve baking.

The ingredients in these delicious witch hat cookies are easily available, right from the supermarket in your neighborhood. Making these Witch’s Hat requires only four ingredients; fudge stripe cookies, Hershey’s kisses, orange frosting, yellow, and orange sprinkles.

Reading this article, I’m sure you’ve got some questions about preparing these delicious Witch’s Hat Cookies. The best thing about the Witch’s Hat Cookies is that they are fun and easy to prepare with your kids.

Can you store the Witch’s Hat Cookies?

Absolutely! These cookies can last up to 5 days when stored in an air-tight container at room temperature. Additionally, if you wrap the cookies individually in a plastic bag and place them in a freezer, they can last up to a month. In such a case, you have to thaw them before eating.

Which other colored sprinkles besides the yellow and orange can you use?

There are all colors of sprinkles available on Amazon. A mixture of purple, black, and green can feature nicely with this recipe. Have fun experimenting with the colored sprinkles, and choose whichever color you adore. I would advise, however, to try out the colored sprinkles on a sample before applying it to the whole batch.

Is it okay to prepare Witch’s Hat Cookies beforehand?

Preparing these cookies before the actual festivities is actually a great idea because you can whip them up in no time. You could make these fun Halloween cookies up to two days in advance.

Which other treats can you make for Halloween besides these witch hat cookies?

Some of our other fun Halloween treats include these spooky graveyard cupcakes, or these candy corn cupcakes. These Witch’s Broomsticks are an even easier treat to make, and are one of our most popular Halloween recipes.

You should make these Blood Red Jello Syringe Shots for the adults too, and this easy diy soap with spiders will surely spook your guests!

Halloween Witch Hat Cookies
Recipe details
  • 24  cookies
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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  • 1. Fudge Stripe cookies
  • 2. Hershey’s Kisses
  • 3. Orange frosting
  • 4. Yellow and orange sprinkles

Unwrap the Hershey’s Kisses.
Using a butter knife, add a little bit of frosting to the bottom of a Hershey’s Kiss.
Turn a cookie upside down and place the Hershey’s Kiss into the middle of it, pushing down lightly so the frosting spreads just to the outside of the candy.
Add sprinkles to the frosting, around the candy.
  • To enhance the flavors, consider preparing the cookies at least 48 hours before the due day and store them in air-tight containers.
  • These delicious Witch's Hat Cookies will surely become your kids' favorite.
Melissa Hagan
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