Curry & Garlic Aioli Sauce

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Searching Curry and Garlic Aioli? We are excited to share with you today our curry and garlic aioli sauce recipe.

Curry aioli sauce is a very easy recipe to make. This curry and garlic aioli from scratch can be made with a few basic ingredients that you can whip up in no time. Curry and garlic aioli go well with beef.

I recently read where Curry & Garlic Aioli would be divine paired with beef. Well, as you know since I am all about expanding my horizons, I had to give it a try. I will tell you it is not bad, actually I thought it was pretty wonderful. There I go, expanding my horizons when it comes to my palate.

I used what I had on hand, and since the name pretty much summed up for me what should go into this sauce, I said how hard can this be? This is probably the easiest recipe on my blog... well, it is a sauce afterall so how many ingredients could possibly go into it?

Oh, I am sure there are sauces out there with ingredients a mile long, but this simple gal stuck with what she knew which was not much when it comes to sauces. I said earlier we must be a condiment family, but you know what? I am not much for condiments, what we do have is all hubby's doing.

He loves to try new things, and so I guess it was a wonderful idea for me to venture into recipes and sharing with y'all since he is my guinea pig. Some days he shrugs his shoulders and tells me it was okay... and then other days, he is like wow! This is awesome!

In case you were wondering, he really liked this Curry and Garlic Aioli. We need to come up with a name for this sauce. If you have ideas, we are all ears.

What you will need:

  1. 1/2 c mayo (use real mayo, not Miracle Whip)
  2. 1 t curry powder
  3. 1 t garlic powder

What you will need to do:

  • Measure out your ingredients, and mix well
  • That's all folks, enjoy!

I used my lock and lock to whip this sauce up in which is so nice since I can mix it and store it in the same container makes less dishes for me, and in turn saving me time. Win for me!

Can I tell you how much I have been getting beat up on our food recipes? Some days I think folks think I have a culinarily background. I absolutely in no way, shape, or form have any such background, I am just a gal who cooks and bakes gluten free recipes because a lot of the gluten free foods out there.... well, to be honest, they stink.

Not literally like they smell bad, but woowee... I just cannot seem to choke down some of the items on the market. If I do not like it, I am not going to eat it. It is the reason I will no longer eat bread.

As I have shared before, the gluten free breads on the market are not my cup of tea. Now, I did create an oat bread recipe which was yummy, but that is about as far as I have gone with the breads. It was a confidence builder for sure, but I need to get back at it and experiment in the kitchen creating another bread recipe soon.

I am not lacking in the department of ideas when it comes to cooking, but some days I need to take my time and figure it out slowly. I get a bit discouraged when something does not turn out as I anticipate it to.

I mentioned I have been getting beat up, but then on the flip side, I had a wonderful woman named Ellie reach out to me. She indicated that her son has celiac disease and cannot consume gluten. She explained that she is constantly searching out recipes for him and appreciated the recipe share of our apple spice cake.

Can I tell you how much her comment made my day? I was over the moon, and it really struck a line through all of those negative messages I had received. You see, you really need thick skin to share anything about yourself really online. Usually it rolls off my back, and I do not give it a second thought, but that one day in particular I wasn't sure if I should continue blogging.

Ellie's one comment really turned my thinking around. I always said if I can help one person, then it is all worth it, and so Ellie was my shining star that day that made me say get it together Cara, you got this.

Why give up on a dream you have had for years because of a few messages? So, here we are... I am still here, and sharing this recipe with you today! If you like what you see here, thank Ellie. I already let her know how much I appreciated her comments, she was my breath of fresh air that I needed.

In case you are searching for more direction and wondering what to make with your newly found aioli sauce. I will share with you what I made.

I picked up more sweet potatoes, I love them! The sweet potato I cut up last night was probably one of the largest ones I have ever seen. Can you believe I even got Mr. VS to eat sweet potatoes with his dinner? I was feeling pretty accomplished to say the least.

I cubed up the sweet potato and put the cubes into a skillet coated with olive oil. I placed one of my splatter guards over the skillet and let them cook until they were soft, also I used this time to whip up our curry and garlic aioli sauce.

Once my sweet potatoes were soft, I then used the same pan and placed my thinly cut sirloin steaks into the skillet. There were four steaks in this package, and I went ahead and made them all up. Why you ask? Well, we were able to have two meals from this one evening of cooking, and we all know I am a lover of those kinds of meals.

I cooked my steaks about four minutes each side on a medium low heat. When I was ready to plate my food, I then cut the steak into strips to serve with the sweet potatoes and our aioli sauce. Oh, and I added a salad to our dinner, need those veggies in our diet as much as we can get them!

I am not usually one to use sauce on my steak, I like it plain with salt and pepper, and that is all, but since I am stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things so I can share them with you, I decided why not? So away I went and decided to give this a shot.

At first the thought of putting mayo on steak seemed so unappealing to me, but after I had the first bite, I thought wow, we may be on to something here. That curry and garlic seemed to be the perfect blend for our sirloin steak strips.

Did Mr. VS like it you ask? Why yes, he did! He decided to make his into a steak strip sandwich and added the curry and garlic aioli to his sandwich. So I guess we stumbled upon a new sauce to share with you all. Let us know if you decide to give this one a try, it is so easy! It was interesting, and new for us, but I will say it was actually pretty good. I enjoy trying new menu items, it keeps dinners from becoming the same old thing night after night around here.

Like everything else, the cost of spices are on the rise, check out our site, we have found some spices at decent prices if you prefer to buy larger containers of spices.

Curry & Garlic Aioli Sauce
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  • 1  small jar
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What you will need:
  • 1/2 c mayo (use real mayo, not Miracle Whip)
  • 1 t curry powder
  • 1 t garlic powder
What you will need to do:
Measure out your ingredients, and mix well
That's all folks, enjoy!
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  • Linda Robinson Linda Robinson on Nov 14, 2022

    I haven't tried the recipe yet, although it sounds yummy! I am writing because it truly disturbs me that people are so aggressively unkind to each other. You are sharing recipes that you and your family have found satisfying -- but there are a lot of different palates out there and we all can't expect to like the same things. If we try a shared recipe and don't care for it, then pass it by, don't make it again. There is no reason to be unkind to the person who shared the recipe. We chose to try the recipe, like it or not. There is no guarantee that we will like it, so I guess it could be said that we "make it at our own risk". That is just the chance we take when we venture out to experience new foods. I love to take the chance! God bless you, Cara.

    Linda R.