How to Make a Candy Heart Necklace

Liberty Brammer
by Liberty Brammer
1 necklace
16 min

Conversation Hearts are one of the most classic Valentine’s Day candy. I had so much fun making a garland out of Conversation Hearts* that I just had to craft one more thing with them! Can you ever have too many conversation heart crafts?! *I would love for you to follow me over at my blog B4 and Afters for more of my great ideas! icon

I had searched all over to find these large candy hearts to make the garland for my pine cone tree. The large hearts are pictured below, along with the drill I used to put holes into them.

Conversation Heart Craft, Before

You can watch this video to see how I drilled the holes into the candy hearts.

While I was out shopping for large candy hearts, I also found some small hearts. I would call them regular size, but the box said “tiny hearts.”

My husband helped me find some very small drill bits so that I could– you guessed it– drill holes into the small conversation hearts! I drilled two holes in each heart in the top half of the heart shape.


I used nylon string and a sewing needle to sew the hearts to each other– very similar to how I made the garland using doily thread. Except for this necklace I pushed the hearts close to each other. I wanted the hearts touching each other with no gaps between them. I decided to alternate sizes, using 3 small hearts, one large heart, 3 small hearts, one large heart, and so on. The picture below shows a closeup of how I sewed the nylon string through the holes in the hearts.

closeup of nylon string on conversation heart craft

To make the necklace, I left enough clear nylon string on each end to be able to tie it to a ribbon on each side. Then I tied the ribbons together in a bow in the back to complete the candy necklace. My daughter modeled the necklace for me to take a picture. She said that if she wore it she would want to eat it, and I replied, “Well, that’s the idea!” Do you remember those edible candy necklaces on an elastic string? This is my DIY Valentine’s version of an edible necklace!


Candy Heart Necklace being worn by girl wearing a pink shirt

The necklace also looks pretty stretched out as a garland.

candy heart garland stretched out

What do you think? Would you use this crafty creation for a necklace or for a garland? This Conversation Heart craft can be used in so many ways!

conversation heart garland tied to peg shelf for Valentine's day decor

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How to Make a Candy Heart Necklace
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  • 1  necklace
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 1 Minutes Total time: 16 min
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  • 1 package large conversation hearts
  • 1 package small conversation hearts
  • You will also need a drill, tiny drill bits, nylon string, and a needle

Drill 2 tiny holes in each side of the heart.
Thread the needle with nylon string and stitch candy hearts together.
Sew to ribbons on the end if desired (optional).
Tie ends together to form a candy necklace.
Wear, enjoy, and eat!
Liberty Brammer
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