Spooky Halloween Themed Focaccia

by Francesca
10 Pieces
3 hr 25 min

October is already here and the kids can’t stop talking about Halloween. So I thought why not start the spooky season with a spooky focaccia!

I simply love making art with focaccia, it’s so much fun and the kids love it too!

Focaccia is my favourite bread as it’s so easy to make and the result is always perfect! And making art with vegetables is so much fun! I hope you give this spooky focaccia design a go.

A spooky scene made with simple ingredients!

I love that the design didn’t get ruined during the cooking!

This focaccia is really fluffy with a crunchy top.

Spooky Halloween Themed Focaccia
Recipe details
  • 10  Pieces
  • Prep time: 3 Hours Cook time: 25 Minutes Total time: 3 hr 25 min
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For the focaccia
  • 500gr (4 cups plus 2 tbsp) any soft wheat flour
  • 350ml (1 1/3 cups plus 2 tbsp) lukewarm water
  • 2 spoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 sachet dry yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
For the decoration
  • red onion rings
  • vegan cheese or regular cheese
  • seaweed
  • carrot
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • yellow pepper
  • salt
For the dough
Transfer the flour in a bowl.
Take a glass and start mixing the water with the yeast, a bit of sugar and 2 spoons of flour until you notice some foam on the surface. This means that the yeast has been activated and the mixture can be added to the flour.
Remember the sugar helps the process of activation of the yeast while the salt stops it and that's why we add the salt only afterwards.
Continue adding water until the dough becomes elastic and sticky. The focaccia dough is not like pizza dough and it should have a much softer consistency, a bit like mozzarella cheese. Add the salt at the end.
Let the dough raise in the bowl wrapped in a towel. I like to place mine in the switched off oven for about 2 hours.
Once the 2 hours have passed, take a round or rectangular baking tray and pour some extra virgin olive oil so that tray is all well covered.
Transfer the dough on the tray and flatten it with your hands in order to occupy the whole surface.
Cover it with a towel again and allow to rest for another 30 minutes.
For the Halloween decoration
Cut the onion in rings and place them in hot water for a couple of minutes. This will make the onion rings softer and easier to bend when we will be using them to make the tree and brunches.
Prepare all your toppings. Use a star cutter to make stars from a yellow pepper. Take a vegan cheese slice or ordinary cheese and create your ghosts with a knife and a kebab skewer for the eyes and mouth. Use seaweed to create a bat. And cut carrots in wheels and make them look like pumpkins.
Assemble a mock up scene on a cutting board ready to be transferred on the focaccia.
Add extra oil on the focaccia and pinch it to create holes. Create your spooky scene on the focaccia, add your fresh herbed and sprinkle salt, then bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20/25 minutes.
Enjoy & Happy Halloween!
  • If the toppings start to over-cook, cover in foil to protect your design!
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