Copycat Raspberry Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe

2 Drinks
8 min

A cotton candy frappuccino is another tasty option for anyone craving a blended drink without the caffeine.

On a mission to have copycat recipes for all the coffeehouse drinks, let’s welcome the cotton candy frappuccino to the list.

This blended drink is easy to make, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see how to turn it into an adorable unicorn frappe!

Pink cotton candy blended drink in a glass topped with whipped cream and raspberries.
Cotton Candy Frappe – Raspberry Blended Drink

The Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino is one of those drinks on the “secret menu.” Thankfully, it’s one that probably won’t anger your favorite barista. It’s basically a Vanilla Bean Frappe with raspberry syrup.

Since this cotton candy drink is so simple, we can easily whip one up at home. With just a few ingredients, you can skip the trip, save some money, make the size you want, and tweak the ingredients to your liking.

What you need to make a cotton candy frappe

  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Whipped cream
  • Corn syrup
  • Sprinkles

Steps to make the raspberry frappe

Place a drop of corn syrup on a paper towel and gently rub the rims of the serving glasses.

Pour sprinkles onto a plate and dip the rims of the glasses in them to coat.

Obviously, this is optional and basically for appearance.

Ice in a blender and then other ingredients for a cotton candy frappuccino.

Add the ice, milk, ice cream, and raspberry syrup to a blender.

Blend until smooth.

Pour into the prepared glasses.

Top with whipped cream and serve.

Raspberry drink blended in a blender and in a glass with a whipped cream topping.

This amount will fill one large glass, but I suggest splitting it into two servings.

Glass of cotton candy frappuccino topped with whipped cream and raspberry and a pink straw.

Top with fresh raspberries for an extra little burst of color and flavor.

Tilted glass of raspberry frappe next to pink straws and fresh raspberries.

Just for fun, you can top your cotton candy drink with a candy horn and other colorful sprinkles to make it look like a unicorn frappé.

Pink blended drink with unicorn toppings.

Doing this won’t be a unicorn frappuccino copycat because the flavors are different, but it’s cute all the same!

Cotton candy frappuccino with unicorn horn candy and other toppings to look like a unicorn frappuccino.

Please remove the unicorn horn before serving for safety.

Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe Notes and FAQ

How do you order a Cotton Candy Frappuccino?

To order a cotton candy frappé, ask for a tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a pump of raspberry syrup. If you ask for it by name, there’s a good chance the barista will not know how to make it.

Glass of a pink raspberry blended drink with whipped topping and fresh raspberries.

The syrup smells like cough syrup!

Yes, the raspberry syrup smells like cough syrup if you sniff it from the bottle. Don’t worry, once combined with the milk, ice, and ice cream, it tastes delicious.

Where do you get the candy unicorn horn?

The candy unicorn horn used here is the same one used in the unicorn hot chocolate melts. It was purchased at JOANN, and appears to be exclusive to the store.

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Pink blended drink in a glass topped with whipped cream and rapsberries.

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Copycat Raspberry Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe
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  • 2  Drinks
  • Prep time: 8 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 8 min
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  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 2 tablespoons raspberry syrup
  • whipped cream
  • corn syrup
  • white sprinkles

Add a small amount of corn syrup to a paper towel and gently rub the rim of two glasses. Pour sprinkles onto the rims or dredge the rims in sprinkles spread onto a plate. Set aside.
In a blender, combine ice, milk, ice cream, and raspberry syrup. Blend until smooth. Pour into prepared glasses. Top with whipped cream and serve.
Jennifer Soltys
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