Mango Margarita Pitcher Recipe: How to Make Blended Frozen Margaritas

4 margaritas
15 min

Learn how to make a frozen mango margarita recipe with real mango to enjoy with your favorite dishes or when entertaining guests. This mango margarita pitcher recipe is perfect for summer parties and makes a refreshing summer cocktail.

Frozen Pitcher Mango Margaritas

In the summer, I like to switch to fruity drinks, like this frozen mango margarita recipe. Even though this has calories from alcohol, there’s no added sugar. Instead, it gets its sweetness from real mangos.

Therefore, it’s a great choice if you’re watching your carbs.

You can use either fresh or frozen fruit to make these delicious blended frozen margaritas. This sweet and tangy drink is extra refreshing on hot summer days, and it’s perfect for outdoor barbeques and entertaining. You can also pair this cocktail with your favorite Mexican dishes for an enjoyable night in!

This drink recipe makes a full pitcher of blended frozen margaritas, so it’s perfect for a party or a girl’s night in. You can rim the edge of the glasses with sea salt for a more traditional blended frozen margarita recipe, or use chili powder for a bit of a spicy kick, depending on your palate.

I like to serve this frozen mango margarita recipe with Mexican food and snacks. However, it is also delicious with most meals — those outdoor cookouts included. This cocktail is refreshing and cooling, so it pairs well with spicy foods just as well as it does chicken or barbeque.

For guests who don’t like extra heat, offer sea salt for rimming the glass rather than chili powder. I recommend letting each guest choose what to rim their margarita glasses as not everyone handles heat on the same level.

What is a Pitcher Mango Margarita Made Of?

Learning how to make mango margaritas is fairly easy. This cocktail recipe is made using several ingredients.

A frozen pitcher mango margarita is made of fresh or frozen mangos and two kinds of alcohol. You’ll also need ice and either sea salt or chili powder to rim the glasses. You can add a wedge of fresh lime for garnish or for rimming the glass if desired.

What is the Best Alcohol to Use in Pitcher Margaritas?

Traditionally, margaritas are made with tequila. I also added Cointreau, which is an orange liqueur.

Since this frozen mango margarita recipe only has a few ingredients, I highly recommend using quality tequila and Cointreau. If you use a low quality product with an inferior taste, there aren’t many other flavors to cover up the flavor.

How Do You Make Mango Margaritas in a Pitcher From Scratch?

You will need to start with frozen mangos to make this frozen mango margarita recipe. I simply buy frozen mangos from the freezer section of my local grocery store. However, you can also prepare your own margaritas from scratch using fresh fruit and frozen ice cubes.

In addition to the fruit and ice, you will also need tequila and an orange liqueur, such as Cointreau.

How Do You Make a Frozen Mango Margarita That Doesn’t Separate?

Homemade blended frozen margaritas tend to separate after they’ve been sitting. This mango margarita pitcher recipe helps combat this by using frozen mangos so the ingredients are very cold.

You can also blend the ice into small pieces first and then add your frozen fruit and alcohol. This can help the drink combine better.

Restaurants make an almost smoothie-like drink. They bring their ingredients almost to freezing and don’t use ice, which prevents separation.

To learn about the best liquor brands for your margaritas, substitutions and variations on this recipe and to discover tips for making margaritas, check out the original post on how to make a mango pitcher margarita recipe here.

Mango Margarita Pitcher Recipe: How to Make Blended Frozen Margaritas
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  • 4  margaritas
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 15 min
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  • 20 ounces Frozen mango, cubed
  • 2 ounces Lime Juice
  • 3 ounces Tequila
  • 2 ounces Cointreau
  • 2-3 handfuls Ice cubes
  • Sea Salt or Chili Powder, optional

Place the ice in the blender and blend until it is in small pieces.
Add frozen mango, lime juice, tequila and Cointreau to the blender. Blend until smooth.
Use a lime wedge to wet the edge of the glasses. Then dip the glasses into sea salt or chili powder, if desired.
Pour the blended frozen margarita recipe into margarita glasses and enjoy.
  • You can also use 4-5 fresh mangos to make this blended frozen margarita recipe. If using fresh mango, cut the mangos into 1-inch chunks. Then place the fruit onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet taking care to ensure the pieces aren’t touching. (Otherwise they will freeze together.) Freeze the mangos for 3 hours. Then, once frozen, follow the recipe as directed.
  • If the margarita ingredients are too thick to blend, allow them to rest for a few minutes in the blender, then try again.
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