Stuffed Licorice (Shushka) Pepper

6 peppers
2 Hours 30 Minutes

When the season of the shushka peppers (elongated red peppers) arrives, all the other vegetables move aside. Elongated pepper, in which you can put quite a bit of filling, stuffed peppers can be filled with several types of ingredients: cheeses, meat and rice, vegan and other ideas that come to mind. The pepper can be filled to the brim, gently of course so that it does not rupture. Stuffed peppers It is a dish that is supposedly easy to prepare: you do not have to roll them as nicely as vine leaves, don't have to cook them in advance like onions or empty them like zucchini, and they come with a spacious space in which simply one should place the filling.

Stuffed Licorice (Shushka) Pepper

Recipe details

  • 6 peppers
  • Prep time: 1 Hours|Cook time: 90 Minutes|Total time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes


Preparation of meat



Preparation of the dish

In a large bowl mix all the ingredients of the meat preparation.
Set aside for half an hour to allow the meat to come together and improve flavors.
Cut off the pepper's head and clean the contents of the pepper.
Fill each pepper to the brim with the meat, until you finish the meat you have
Prepare all the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl.
Heat a saucepan with a little oil, place the peppers and sear the peppers slightly on all sides.
Add the sauce and improve flavors.
Bring the pot to boil and cook for about an hour on a low temperature. Enjoy!


  • you can replace the meat with cheese.

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