Zucchini Rolls

12 People
10 min

Enjoy the fresh in-season zucchini through these rolls!

Honestly speaking, I have never been a fan of zucchini. I don’t really like the way this veggie tastes. But then I came across zucchini rolls and have started loving this veggie ever since. When you prepare this dish, you can either keep it simple or give it a twist by adding a few other items.

What makes my zucchini roll recipe super unique and interesting is its preparation. This recipe does not require a heating pan or any such cooking skills. You have to perfectly roll all the ingredients into the zucchini slices, and you are done.

I know the recipe sounds too simple to be good but trust me, once you have prepared it, you will be hooked on the flavors. This dish is perfect for a dinner party or brunch full of eaters with different dietary preferences. Also, zucchini rolls make a perfect side dish to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Give this zucchini roll a try; you will love it.

Fresh and Delicious Zucchini Salad

One of the best ways to use zucchini is by making delicious zucchini rolls. These bite-sized zucchini rolls are super yummy and a true crowd-pleaser. Also, there’s a bonus. You can prepare the zucchini rolls ahead of time. When the party gets started, serve the rolls cold.

Or you can do all the preparation required ahead of time. Combine the ingredients to prepare rolls in advance and serve the dish fresh. This versatile snack is also forgiving to substitutes. So, you can easily substitute the ingredients with others to create a similar taste.

You can find different types of zucchini roll recipes, but I want you to try this recipe. That’s because this way, your zucchini rolls will nicely hold the structure and the stuffing inside with a blast of flavors.

Don’t forget to prepare this simple yet delicious zucchini rolls to experience the zucchini flavors in a rich way.

Steps to Prepare Yummy Zucchini Rolls

Below is a step-by-step guide you can follow to prepare zucchini rolls.

Step One

I recommend using fresh and juicy zucchini for the preparation rolls. Soggy and small zucchini might not help you recreate the same magical flavors.

Take one large zucchini and clean it nicely under running water. You are then required to cut the zucchini into thin slices of around 1/4-inch thickness. In short, you need to slice the zucchini as thinly as possible to get the right taste.

I prefer using a mandoline slicer to ensure all the slices are uniform. You can also slice the zucchini using a knife but keeping all the slices uniform might not be possible.

After slicing zucchini, you need to clean the cherry tomatoes. Many people slice the cherry tomatoes in half, but I like using them fully in my recipe. So, if you want to keep the zucchini rolls recipe simple, you can also laminate the step of cutting cherry tomatoes.

Step Two

This step lets you learn the correct way of achieving balanced zucchini roll flavors. Make the rolls creamy by adding one cup of cottage cheese. For the flavors, you can add salt and pepper to taste.

After you have combined the ingredients, add a little cottage cheese mixture to the thin zucchini slices. Nicely roll each slice to and secure the ends using a small skewer. You can enhance the zucchini rolls’ taste by adding cherry tomatoes and basils on the skewer while fixing the ends of zucchini slices.

Key Notes:

  • If the zucchini you use is extra watery, you can draw out the water. For this, you can place a baking sheet lined with paper towels. After that, place the slices on the top and salt the zucchini slices. It will eliminate the extra water, making the slices ideal for preparing rolls.
  • While slicing zucchini, if there are a few torn strips, don’t throw them away. Instead, you can use them to join the roll ends together.
  • You can make the zucchini rolls extra yummy by lightly brushing each strip with olive oil. Then sprinkle salt, chili flakes, and pepper. Repeat this process on the other side of zucchini slices as well. Then cook both sides of zucchini slices for a few seconds and add fillings.
  • If you like zesty flavor, don’t forget to add lemon zest or lemon vinaigrette on the top of the rolls. Or you can add fresh lemon juice as a great substitute.

How to Store Zucchini Rolls?

If you have made zucchini rolls in a large batch or want to prepare them ahead of time, store the rolls in an airtight container. Preferably, keep the airtight container in the crisper drawer where the humidity level is minimum.

Can you grill zucchini rolls?

You can grill zucchini rolls to make them more flavorful. Grill the rolls over medium heat, so the outer layer becomes crisp but doesn’t burn from the inside.

Can you substitute the cottage cheese with parmesan cheese?

Yes, you can substitute the cottage cheese used in the zucchini rolls with parmesan cheese. It will give a nutty flavor to the rolls, making them delicious even for picky eaters.

Are zucchini rolls hard to digest?

Zucchini rolls are so easy to digest, and they possibly also help with preventing gas. That means you can add the rolls to your diet without any worry.


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  • 12  People
  • Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 10 min
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  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 zucchini, thinly sliced
  • Cherry tomatoes, whole
  • Fresh basil leaves

Mix the cottage cheese with salt and pepper to taste and add a little to each zucchini slice.
Roll it out and insert a small skewer to secure it.
Add cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.
Serve and enjoy
  • Along with basil, you can add a few other herbs to elevate the delicious taste of zucchini rolls.
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  • Nanfree Nanfree on Aug 07, 2022

    You mentioned “cooking” the zucchini, but your recipe doesn’t mention that. Please explain. Thank you!

    • See 1 previous
    • Fran Fran on Sep 27, 2022

      It’s because the poster has bad spellcheck, syntax, or is maybe foreign and her translations are a bit off (thinking of the word “laminate “ (meaning eliminate) for one example as well as the fact she is repetitive- ie. “zucchini rolls” maybe for the purpose of filling up her blog word count requirements. Also under yield it says 10 people which is kinda humorous. It is prevalent in so many of the blogs I have seen in recent years. I don’t believe judging from the pics it is a cooked final product.

  • Keith Kennedy Keith Kennedy on Aug 12, 2022

    I need these to grill but use fresh mozzarella, a little parm and roasted garlic inside the roll. There are many different things you can use. While grilling the Zucchini throw on some shrimp that have been soaking in a little tequila for 5 minutes. Roll shrimp with some asiago or chiwawa cheese.