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4 Servings
55 min


Babaganoush is a thick spread made from ground eggplant and tahini , olive oil, lemon, and garlic, typical of Middle Eastern cuisine.

There are various methods for making Babaganoush but this is my husband’s family recipe. It’s simple, it requires few ingredients and it’s delicious. Some Middle Eastern countries refer to this as mutabal and some as babaganoush. Mutabal to us has a few more ingredients and is more like a salad made with parsley, mint and other ingredients. Babaganoush has fewer ingredients. You can always modify the ingredients to your liking.

This also happens to be a simple dish to prepare but it does take a little time because you have to roast the eggplant until it’s charred. After it’s cooled, you peel the skin off and begin preparing the flesh of the eggplant to make your delicious spread. If they’re are too many thick or course seeds, I recommend you remove them to prevent the dip from being too bitter. There are various methods to charring the skin of the eggplant. We’ve charred it over the direct stove burners, roasted it in the oven, barbecued it and even smoked it. We like every method but prefer smoking it because it gives the spread a nice smoky flavor. I recommend you try several methods to determine which flavor you prefer 😉

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  • 4  Servings
  • Prep time: 15 Minutes Cook time: 40 Minutes Total time: 55 min
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For the Babaganoush
  • 1 roasted egg plant (charred & skin peeled off)
For the tahini sauce
  • 3 Tbsp tahini
  • 2 Tbsp plain yogurt or lebneh 
  • 1/4 of the juice of a lemon or more
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • Pinch of salt
For the Babaganoush
Roast eggplant on open flame, grill, smoker or oven until the skin is well charred and tender.
Allow it to cool in a brown paper bag then peel the skin and remove all the eggplant flesh into a bowl. Discard any large seeds.
On a chopping board mash the eggplant with the side of the blade of a knife until you get a coarse paste.
For the Tahini Sauce
Mix tahini, yogurt, lemon, garlic and salt until well combined, thin with water if it’s too thick. 
Add the tahini and yogurt mixture to the eggplant paste and mix well to incorporate all ingredients.
Garnish with olive oil, cumin, and pinch of salt and Enjoy!
  • Something new I’ve been doing, cut roasted egg plant in half and scoop the flesh out into a bowl. This method cuts back on having to wait for the skin to lift off while it’s in a bag. Follow the rest of the recipe.
  • Mary Walmsley Mary Walmsley on Aug 25, 2021

    This just sounds AMAZING to me!! I will try it! I love to try new & healthier snacks & sides!

    • Irma | mycreativekneads Irma | mycreativekneads on Aug 25, 2021

      Thank you so much Mary! It’s truly yummy, we make it often. I hope you like it. Modify any ingredients until you achieve your perfect liking.

  • Mary Walmsley Mary Walmsley on Aug 26, 2021

    You're welcome! just one question. What aisle would I find tahini? I have seen some recipes that list it in the ingredients, but have not ever seen it in the grocery store. TYIA!

    • Irma | mycreativekneads Irma | mycreativekneads on Sep 27, 2021

      Hello Mary, sorry for replying so late, I just saw this. We buy it at a Mediterranean market, but I’ve also picked it up at health food grocery stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods. I’m sure Amazon has it too.