How to Make Beach Day Graham Crackers

by Dawn
1 servings
5 min

There’s something special about graham crackers. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, the warm and crunchy texture of the classic cookie brings back nostalgia. But why settle for just a plain graham cracker when you can turn it into something extraordinary? We’re talking about Beach Day Graham Crackers, the perfect snack to get you in the summertime mood.

up close over the top view of beach themed graham crackers with teddy grahams and a candy sun. cute kid snack.

What’s better than a day spent at the beach? Not much! But, if you can still make some delicious Beach Day Graham Crackers.

These crunchy treats are simple to make, fun to eat, and perfect for a summer’s day. Let’s get into how you can make this tasty snack.

up close teddy grahams snack graham cracker with beach day theme

Making your crackers look as good as they taste is easy. Just gather a handful of tasty ingredients and get to creating. I will share exactly what you need to recreate these cute bear graham cracker snacks for yourself.

adorable teddy graham beach snack set up right

Gather up your friends and family, grab some supplies from the kitchen, and create some unforgettable memories, along with unforgettable snacks.


Ready to make these cute snacks? Here is a list of ingredients needed to make them below. Be sure to scroll all the way to the recipe card in order to get the specifics though.

angled down photo of beach day graham crackers with teddy grahams laying on rainbow candy. drink umbrella nearby.

GRAHAM CRACKERS - Honey graham crackers are really yummy for this recipe, but you can use your favorite kind.

AQUA BLUE FROSTING - We used a tub of store-bought aqua blue frosting. You can find blue frosting at Walmart or your favorite supermarket.

AIRHEADS EXTREMES SOUR CANDY -These rainbow berry sour candies make perfect little beach towels for your bears!

Beach Day Graham Crackers ingredients over head.

CINNAMON TEDDY GRAHAMS: We love cinnamon teddies, but you can use your favorite teddy graham flavors!

YELLOW M&M'S AND JIMMIES - I combined M&M’s and yellow jimmies to create this yummy beach bear sun!

BLUE SANDING SUGAR - We used beautiful blue sanding sugar to enhance these fun treats' color, flavor, and texture.

up close view of teddy graham snack that looks like a beach

PARASOL PICKS - You can find these little umbrellas in the party section of your favorite supermarket or easily online. See cocktail umbrellas here.

In addition to these items, there are some other supplies that will be handy as well:

  • Small knife or spatula
  • Resealable sandwich bag
  • Tweezers - If you use sprinkles a lot, you will love having a pair of rubber tipped tweezers on hand to help place them easily.
day at the beach graham crackers


Making these cute snacks is an ocean breeze. 😛 Follow these simple instructions on how to make them. Be sure to save or print the recipe card at the bottom of the post for the best experience.

Start out by using an icing spatula or simply a butter knife to spread the aqua-blue frosting over each of the graham crackers horizontally while leaving just a little empty space at the top of each.

crushed graham crackers in a plastic baggy

Then, crush 1 graham cracker to use as "sand" for the beach scene. You can easily do this by putting your graham cracker in a resealable bag. Then, crush it by using a rolling pin.

Place the frosted graham cracker down horizontally. Sprinkle the crushed graham crackers onto the bottom ¼ of the frosted cracker to give the effect of a sandy beach.

placing crushed graham cracker onto blue frosting

Take an Airhead extreme and cut it into (3) 1 ¼ inch strips next. These little strips will be your cute little bear’s beach towels! Adorable, right?

Dab just little blue icing and place it on the back of each candy "towel" and press 3 "towels" evenly apart on top of the "sandy" area.

Nexy up, dab the backs of 3 Teddy Grahams with the blue frosting and place them on each of the "towels".

making kid's graham snacks with teddy grahams and frosting

Then, go in and sprinkle the “water” with a bit of the blue sanding sugar for an extra pretty effect.

Last up, gently poke a parasol pick into a hole in the graham cracker that is the closest to the upper left corner.

over the top graham cracker beach snacks made with teddy grahams

That's it! All you need to do now is serve and enjoy!

super cute beach themed teddy graham laying on a candy towel


If you have any leftovers, keep them in the fridge using an airtight container for 3 days.

adorable teddy graham laying on a graham cracker beach. edible snack.


Want more inspo using graham crackers? I totally have your back. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

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cute beach graham crackers lined up in a flat lay photo

Beach Day Graham Crackers are sure to bring smiles to everyone both young and old. They offer a cute snack that is perfect for any summer-themed gathering or party. Best of all, making them is an easy process that will please even the pickiest eaters! So why wait another day?

Get creative in the kitchen and whip up some Beach Day Graham Crackers today!

How to Make Beach Day Graham Crackers
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  • 1  servings
  • Prep time: 5 Minutes Cook time: 0 Minutes Total time: 5 min
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  • 2 Graham Crackers
  • Aqua Blue Frosting
  • Airheads Extremes
  • Teddy Grahams, Cinnamon
  • M&M’s, Yellow
  • Jimmies, Yellow
  • Sanding Sugar, Blue
  • Parasol Picks

Use an icing spatula or knife to spread aqua-blue frosting over a horizontal graham cracker. Leave a small space unfrosted at the top.
Crush 1 graham cracker to use as sand for the beach. Place the graham cracker in a resealable bag and crush it with a rolling pin.
Place the frosted graham cracker horizontally on your surface. To create the effect of sand on the beach, sprinkle the crushed graham crackers onto the bottom ¼ of the iced cracker.
Next, take an Airhead extreme and cut it into (3) 1 ¼ inch strips. These will be your bear’s beach towels! Take a dab of blue icing and place it on the back of the towel. Gently place the 3 towels evenly apart on the sand.
Now grab 3 teddy graham bears and dab the backs of them with blue frosting and place them on their respective towels. Sprinkle the “water” with blue sanding sugar.
Finally, grab a parasol pick and gently poke it into the hole in the graham cracker closest to the corner.
Serve and enjoy!
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