Vegetarian Borscht With Beans

by Patrycja
4 Serving
1 hr

This Traditional Polish Vegetarian Borscht with Beans is very easy and delicious in just 20 minutes! Packed with vitamins, you will find yourself making this soup over and over again.

This soup is one of the dishes that I ate a lot when I lived in Poland. It’s one of the traditional dishes we eat on Christmas Eve, but not only, but you can also eat it pretty much the whole year-round. There are many versions, and everyone has a bit different way to prepare it. There is no right and wrong; it depends on your preferences and how it was prepared in your home.My version of Vegetarian Borscht with Beans comes with white beans and beet greens, and it’s my personal favorite. I usually use dry beans and prepare them ahead of time, but you can use canned beans if you want to save time.aThe total prep time will be different depending on the ingredients and tools you use. I based the prep time on how long it took me to prepare it while using Instant Pot, previously cooked dry beans, and a food processor to shred the beets.You might be wondering where is borscht soup from?Borscht is common in Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine, Russian, and Poland. However, every country has a bit different way to prepare this dish. Sometimes, it even varies from house to house.

why eat borscht?Besides the fact that it tastes amazing, it comes with lots of health benefits. Since these beloved root vegetables and their greens are filled with vitamins and minerals, they can help boost the immune system, which may ward off long will borscht keep in the fridge?Borscht can last for up to four days. You’ll love how the flavors deepen and develop in storage.can you freeze borscht?Absolutely! Borscht freezes well. Store it in freezer containers for up to four months. No need to thaw before reheating in the microwave or stovetop on low to prepare beetsI prepare my beets in an Instant Pot; if you have one, it will save you a lot of time, as cooking beets take quite long.To make them in the Instant Pot:1. Scrub the beets well and trim the greens off (keep the greens for later; we will use them in the soup)2. Pour the water into the bottom of the Instant Pot3. Place a trivet or steamer basket in the Instant Pot, then place the beets4. Close the lid and cook at High Pressure for 30-40 min, depending on the size of your beets.Don’t worry if they are a bit undercooked, as they will still be cooking with the soup.

The traditional way to prepare the beets is similar; however, instead of cooking them in the Instant Pot, you will cook them in a regular pot. Be aware it will take much longer, around 1-2h. Check your beets periodically by poking them with a fork.I don’t peel off the skin before cooking; it is so much easier to do it after cooking. Wearing gloves might be a good idea; however, it’s not necessary if you wash your hands right after. Be careful with peeling off the skin, as the beets will be hot. I usually hold my beet with a fork and use a knife to take the skin off.Cut the cooked and peeled beets into chunks and throw in a food processor to shred them if you don’t have a food processor keep the beet in one piece and shred manually.substitutions– white beans – you can skip the beans or swap them for different kind of beans, like kidney or black,– dry beans – can be swapped for canned ones,– broth – I used vegetable broth; however, feel free to use any broth you have,– beet greens – I recommend not skipping them, as they fit perfectly and complete the soup.

Vegetarian Borscht With Beans
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  • 4  Serving
  • Prep time: 40 Minutes Cook time: 20 Minutes Total time: 1 hr
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  • 2 large beets
  • 4 cups broth
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 cups white beans
  • dill or parsley

Scrub the beets well and trim the greens off (keep the greens for later; we will use them in the soup). INSTANT POT: Pour the water into the bottom of the Instant Pot, place a trivet or steamer basket, add beets. Cook at high pressure for 30-40 minutes. REGULAR POT: Pour enough water to cover the beets, cook under a cover on medium heat for 1-2h.
Peel off the skin from cooked beets and cut them into chunks. Using a food processor, shred them.
In a pot, bring the vegetable stock to a boil, add the minced garlic along with the beets. Cook for about 10 min, then add chopped greens and beans and cook for another 10 minutes. Use canned beans or previously cooked beans.
Serve warm with bread, top with sour cream, and garnish with dill.
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  • Mila Mila on Oct 15, 2021

    This is polish borsch 😁, you right.

    You can peel skin off from raw beets, shred them, put in on skillet with little oil and fry a little for better taste, add pinch of sugar that beets wouldn’t loose much color (but also can skip frying and sugar), put into broth, they will be ready in 10 -15 min on medium heat. Taste of beets will be different, but No pressure cooker and save some time.