1. Roasted Eggplant Dip

Baba ganoush, or roasted eggplant dip, is a Mediterranean roasted eggplant recipe originating from Lebanon.

This smoky, smooth, and creamy dip is not so easy to make, but once you master it, you won't be able to have a meal without it. Get recipe here

2. Falafel Balls

One of the classic paleo Mediterranean recipes, this flavorful, crispy, and fresh dish always hits the spot.

This Mediterranean street food is traditionally served inside pita, with tahini, pickles, and fresh Israeli salad composed of diced tomatoes and cucumbers. Get recipe here

3. Moroccan Saffron Chicken

One of the best, quick and easy Moroccan chicken recipes, this flavorful saffron chicken has the perfect blend of smoky and sweet that even the kids will love! If you want a little kick, feel free to add some heat to it! Get recipe here

4. Fish In Red Sauce

What would a list of paleo Mediterranean recipes be without Moroccan fish?! Commonly made with tilapia, Moroccan fish can also be made with tuna, salmon, or ANY fish!

This Nile princess fish is cooked to perfection with peppers and tomatoes, and it's a great way to start to any meal! Get recipe here

5. Grilled Chicken With Couscous Salad

One of the most well-rounded paleo Mediterranean recipes, this dish includes tangy, marinated, grilled chicken and a soft and savory couscous salad. Made in only 30 minutes, this is the ultimate family dinner recipe. Get recipe here

6. Greek Lemon Potato Recipes

This delicious side is one of the most appetizing Mediterranean potato recipes out there. Seasoned with lemon juice, oregano, and garlic powder, this fresh and bright dish can be served with various main dishes! Get recipe here

7. Lamb Mini Meatballs And Hummus Bowl

If you’re looking for Mediterranean lamb recipes, this may be the quickest and easiest one you'll find! These tasty and flavorful meatballs infused with Mediterranean spices can be served by themselves or over a hummus bowl. Get recipe here

8. Couscous Salad

Another one of the classic paleo Mediterranean recipes, a meal would not be Mediterranean without this couscous salad.

Packed with delicious veggies and infused with flavors like lemon, garlic, fresh parsley and oregano, this couscous salad is sure to win you over! Get recipe here

9. Avgolemono - Greek Lemon Rice Soup

Loaded with carrots, onion, broccoli, and of course, rice thickened with the lemony avgolemono sauce, this creamy lemon rice soup is DEFINITELY a winner!

Made in only 30 minutes, this Mediterranean dish is a perfect weeknight dinner for a cold day. Get recipe here

10. Mediterranean Shrimp

This Mediterranean garlic shrimp recipe is an amazing light and healthy dish to satisfy your Mediterranean cravings. Filled with roasted tomatoes, feta, olives, and artichoke hearts, this simple, one-pan dish is made in under 30 minutes! Get recipe here

11. Fava Beans

Healthy, filling, savory, and just delicious, this is one of the paleo Mediterranean recipes that will keep you obsessed with Mediterranean food. This fava bean dish is super easy to make and will leave you feeling light and satisfied. Get recipe here