1. Keto Pepperoni Cheese Chips

Pop only 2 ingredients in the oven and these keto pepperoni cheese chips will be ready by the time your family picks a movie!

This may just be the best, gluten-free, low-carb, keto snack that will satisfy all your crunch cravings! Get recipe here

2. Deviled Eggs With Avocado

If you’re hungry and want to indulge in healthy food during your movie, these bite-sized, healthy deviled eggs with avocado will work just fine!

This deviled eggs recipe is made in only 20 minutes, and they are a fun, delicious, and easy way to fill your tummy before the snacks. 

For a beautiful presentation, cut the eggs in half lengthwise, place the egg whites face up on a plate and fill with mashed egg yolks and a ripe avocado.  Get recipe here

3. Everything But The Bagel Cheddar Chips

If you are obsessed with cheddar cheese, these cheddar chips are ALL you need in life.

They are SO easy to make, made with only 2 ingredients, and they are keto friendly! Eat these alone or with a dip for the ultimate snack experience. Get recipe here

4. Cauliflower Mac And Cheese

Enjoy your favorite comfort food “keto style” with this perfect keto mac and cheese! The cauliflower is roasted and covered in a creamy, salty, cheesy sauce and then baked to crispy, golden brown perfection!

If you’re working on weight loss with a ketogenic diet but still want to enjoy a nice snack during your movie, this delicious familiar food will help you stay on track. Get recipe here

5. Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Keto Truffles

These BEAUTIFUL keto truffles are made with homemade, sugar-free Nutella and coated in Lily's dark chocolate making them a sugar-free, delicious treat that is actually on the healthier side!
These keto truffles will be finished in moment so make sure to make sure to make a big batch! Get recipe here

6. Bacon Cheddar Biscuits

One of the most addictive keto movie snacks out there are these bacon cheddar biscuits! They are delicious, crunchy, and perfect to prepare in advance and grab for those last minute movie nights. Get recipe here

7. Snickerdoodle Mug Cake

This sweet and cozy keto cinnamon mug cake is perfect to sit down and snuggle with during your favorite movie. This delicious, warm treat takes only 1 minute to bake in the microwave, and it's low-carb and gluten-free! Get recipe here

8. Keto Onion Rings With Cheese

When all you want is a crispy, crunchy, savory snack to munch on, these keto onion rings with cheese are the perfect choice (and better than potato chips)!

These take 15 minutes to prepare, are SO easy to make, and are wonderfully addictive. Plus, the melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese bring the onion rings to the next level! Get recipe here

9. Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs

Made in 20 minutes and only using 4 ingredients, these keto chocolate fat bombs are one of the go-to keto movie snacks when you need chocolate and you need it NOW. They are deliciously sweet and satisfying and are always a hit! Get recipe here

10. Keto Graham Crackers

Whether you’re using these graham crackers to make a base for a keto pie, or just snacking on them during a movie, these keto graham crackers taste unbelievably close to the original and are perfectly sweet and crunchy! Get recipe here