1. Scrambled Eggs

You know how to make scrambled eggs, but do you know how to make the PERFECT scrambled eggs? Learn the art of making creamy, fluffy, and delicate eggs with this simple recipe! Get recipe here

2. Protein Pancakes

Made with vanilla protein powder, these fluffy and fun pancakes are packed with all the protein goodness! Get recipe here

3. Vegetable Frittata

You can’t go wrong with this protein-packed, veggie-packed dish. Ready in only 25 minutes, this frittata is easy to make and great for making ahead and eating throughout the week! Get recipe here

4. Banana Oatmeal Bars

Start off your day on a sweet note with these cookie-like oatmeal bars. These soft and chewy bars are packed with flavor and will satisfy your morning cravings! Get recipe here

5. Overnight Oats

These high-protein overnight oats are a delicious twist on the oatmeal we all know and love. Packed with 25 grams of protein per serving, these yogurt, chia seed, and honey-filled oats will keep you rejuvenated all day! Get recipe here

6. Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake

When you’re running out the door and don’t have a minute to spare, grab one of these shakes to get in your coffee and breakfast at the same time!  Get recipe here

7. Chocolate Almond Protein Powder Pudding

Enjoy this rich, creamy, and chocolatey pudding recipe that will have you hooked after one bite. Perfect for kids and adults, this pudding hits the spot! Get recipe here

8. Sweet Potato Protein Waffles

If you’ve never heard of sweet potato in a waffle, you’ve got to try this!

Made with mashed sweet potato, protein powder, whole wheat flour, and cozy spices, these waffles have the perfect crispy edge and will keep you full for a while! Get recipe here

9. Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

7 ingredients, 10 minutes to whip up, and 1 happy mama. This smooth, creamy yogurt bowl will satisfy your cravings first thing in the morning to keep you happy all day long! Get recipe here

10. Maple Chocolate Bars

These maple chocolate bars are not only delicious, but they're also healthy! Sweetened with protein powder and topped with sugar-free chocolate, these breakfast bars are a real flavor bomb! Get recipe here