Black Bean and Olive Hummus With Spooky Spina

Use skull and bat shape cookie cutters to cut out spooky shapes from spinach tortillas. Place in dip. Get recipe here

Healthy Halloween Mummy Pizzas (Gluten Free)

Ground chicken and spinach make the 'dough' for these fun pizza's that you can make and eat with your kids. Get recipe here

Mummy Hot Dogs With Spider Web Sauce

Wrap hot dogs in crescent dough and serve with a ketchup/mustard sauce designed like a spider web! Get recipe here

Scary Halloween Spider Pizza

Made with store-bought dough, kids will enjoy making spiders out of pepperonis, peppers and olives Get recipe here

Jack O'Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Cheesy, ground-beef filled peppers get a Halloween face-lift by carving a simple face in the side of each pepper before baking. Get recipe here

Pepperoni Cheese Ball

Pepperoni and Italian dressing add a burst of flavor to this spooktacular cheese ball. Use olives and garlic cloves to decorate. Get recipe here

Spooky Lasagna Soup

A hearty soup, perfect for a Halloween. Top with 'eyes', made with mozzarella balls and an olives. Get recipe here

Graveyard Dust Cheddar Cheese Ball

Roll this cheese ball in chia or poppy seeds to create a graveyard dust appearance. Get recipe here

J Dub's Spooky Sausage Bites

This easy recipe yields almost 6 dozen little bites. A perfect appetizer to serve at your next Halloween party. Get recipe here

People Pot Pie

A super-creepy meat pie, covered with pie crust that is shaped to look like a human face. Get recipe here